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Anybody in the same boat?

Hi I am new for this site. I had a full hysterectomy at age of 38 follow by 6 cycle of chemo.Everything went well so far till my last checkup in April when my ca125 showed 40.That was a bit of a shock because I was absolutely well. My oncologist decided to see me again in 6 weeks time. Since I had a blood test ,an ultrasound and a ct too.the difference now I start to feel pain in my abdomen especially when I pass urine. Anybody had the same things?I started limp as well.

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Sorry that you too have had to find you way to this site.

I can't help you specifically with your request but I will say that although the ca125 has risen it is only just outside the parameters of normal. Anything like a urine infection can make the numbers rise so don't go thinking the worse just yet, and I know that's easier said than done. The trouble is, until you know for definite one way or the other your mind is going to attribute every ache, pain or twinge to cancer, it's how you now deal with those thoughts. I try and use the Delete button when I get negative thoughts, I actively think of pushing the delete button. Doesn't always work but it's getting me through.

Anyway I wish you all the best



Hi - just wanted to say welcome and try to hang in there until your results are in; it might be worthwhile to pop to your gp and get them to check your urine? You may have an infection which can cause a lot of discomfort!

If confirmed it could be the cause of the rise in your ca125? But it sounds as though you've had your checks so stay strong ( far easier said than done I know )! Let us know how you get on xxx


I got my ct result and my cancer coming back. This time in my lining both sides as well as in the middle where my scar tissue is. I am going to have chemo carbo/taxon like the first time. My oncologist didn't promised much to me so I'm a bit under the weather. The good thing is we are going to Crete for two weeks before I start the chemo. My son doesn't know about it. Have anybody else been in the same position? Please help!


Hi 'Leo',

Hope you don't mind the shortened name - it made me smile to think of a strong, steady lion as a metaphor for how you came across to me. Like baxbird & maz, I'd suggest chatting to your GP a.s.a.p. as infections can raise a CA125 and a urine infection is an easy test. And also, agree about how helpful it is to notice the way your mind moves towards and away from positives back to negatives. Baxbird's idea of imagining a 'delete' button and physically pressing it in your mind sounds a great idea..you can go on to envisage the dustbin lid icon, lid opening and hear the swoosh as the 'garbage negative thought' gets sucked into the bottom of the bin and lid closes on it! Great stuff. Anything, Leo to help you day by day and sometimes moment by moment. Hold on tight to the positives and do all you can to nourish these and, when the negative thoughts overpower and you don't get to the delete button quick enough, just be kind and gentle to yourself and know all of us are doing this everyday too.

Hope today is as good as it can be.



Hi everyone thank you for your respond. I have seen my gp yesterday and found out my ca125 now is 82 but I have a urine infection too which I got some tablet ,only 6 for 3 days.The ultrasound came back normal,the chest x-ray too and my liver enzymes are going down.Now I just try to hang on till Monday afternoon when I am going to see my oncologist and the ct result.


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