Enjoy the good times

Enjoy the good times

Hello lovelies

I’m writing this from my wonderful holiday in Florida with all the family. While I’m laying on my sun lounger at Typhoon Lagoon listening to the Beach Boys (all theme parked out lol) I’m thinking how lucky and privileged I am to be here, 6 months post first line NED. When we booked it at Christmas I wasn’t sure I’d make it. Not only have I made it, but I’ve coped so well with everything despite Avastin side effects and my stoma. Walked miles everyday and had to miss out on nothing.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of all of you, especially the ones who are currently in treatment. Wherever we are we don’t forget this special group of ladies (well I don’t anyway)...I wish you all strength, positivity and love.

Back home next week for a 6 month routine scan and ca125...... 😱

Lots of love and hugs, Marian xxx😘😘

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  • Have a wonderful time xxx

  • Thanks my lovely, will inbox you when I get back. Hoping your first treatment went ok, been thinking of you xx

  • Thanks, Marian. Enjoy the rest of your hols and we’ll ‘speak’ when you get home xx

  • I think it's amazing Marion and you all look fab,enjoy every minute, life is for living and the good times need to be treasured,hoping to do that with my family and grandkids in a couple of years (god willing)

    Love Carole xxx

  • Hi Carole

    You will get there! I must say that when you do, the sky seems bluer, the sun brighter and the stars more sparkling, guess that’s what this illness does to us, makes you appreciate everything much more


  • Have a lovely time nice to see it's possible to still lead a good life. Anthea

  • Thank you Anthea, it really is, just go for it xx

  • Hi Marian, What a lovely family photo and glad you manage to keep up with them.

    I have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren and when we are altogether, I look at them and think these lovely people would not be here if it was not for me and I'm so proud.

    (I did have a little help from my husband) .

    I hope all goes well with your 6 month check up and NED continues.

    Take care Lorraine xx

  • Aww Lorraine you are so right, we are the matriarchs of our families and that’s such an important role isn’t it? Xx

  • I always have a family photograph with me at chemo and three weekly Avastin - it was taken at my 60th birthday party, just after I’d been diagnosed with IBS and told to eat more kale! Only took another year for a slightly more accurate diagnosis.

    There has since been an addition to the family - the news of his pending arrival was shared with me the day I told my son and his wife about my cancer. Needless to say, I wasn’t sure I would ever meet him but he’s now another reason to keep up the fight!

    Best wishes Ali x

  • How wonderful - I was hoping to go to New Zealand after Avastin finished in December, but CA125 is on the up so it may not happen. However, never say never, we’ll see how it goes! I know it’s not quite the same, but I’m spending all this weekend with my lovely family in rainy Birmingham - they rock wherever we are!

    Have a fabulous holiday, Ali xx

  • Hi Ali. No never ever say never. Who knows what’s possible, new drugs coming along all the time and the blighter hopefully can be kicked again and get you on that ✈️..... I will keep everything crossed for you. I’d love to go to New Zealand too, who knows xxx

  • What a lovely family photo ,it’s amazing what you can do if you are determined not to let this rule our lives ,we have a family holiday booked for euro disney next August with all the family 17 of us going 8 adults and 9 beautiful grandchildren,( couldn’t quite afford Florida ) as much as we would have liked to .we have been to Florida many times when our children was younger and we loved it .very tiring well worth it though.

    enjoy the rest of your holiday I am sure you will , you can have a good rest when you get home .

    Pauline x

  • Thanks Pauline, yes we did it when ours were young too. I was so determined to get here with the little grand boys, we’ve had sooooi much fun. I’ve heard great things about Euro Disney so I’m sure that you will have a great time. The truly best part is being all together with family, just can’t beat it xxx

  • Hi,We take the grandchildren away each year we went four years ago to euro disney but the last 3 years we have been to centre parks but can only take the 6 oldest ones so this year we thought we would have a change so we could take them all ..... It is all about quality family time and making happy memories to cherish the thought our my family’s when things are not going to well is what keeps us all going .you take care and enjoy 😉

    Pauline x

  • Very inspiring post! Well done and as the saying goes life is for living 🌻 xx

  • It certainly is, life is so much more precious and special these days xx

  • Love the pic hope you have an amazing time making memories. I shall soak up your virtual sunshine lol

    Well done on a long flight after treatment

    LA xx

  • Thanks LA, and I’m definitely sending you virtual sunshine, you so deserve it. Hope treatment is almost finished for you, and that you are feeling better than you were xx

  • How lovely, good for you. Yesterday I booked ten days in Tenerife in a fortnight's time to visit friends. I'll be seven weeks post first line chemo when I fly. I want to build my strength both physically and mentally pre-debulking op. Im quite anxious even going to the end of the road lol! I'm nervous about going too far for too long and I was taken ill in Tenerife in January - that's when it all started! You give me great comfort, courage, strength and hope; thank you Marian xx

  • Don’t be afraid, go and enjoy the rest and relaxation in the warmth and sunshine. I felt nervous about traveling too even though I was a seasoned traveler... but you will be just fine. All you have to do is listen to your body and don’t try to run before you can walk. If you feel tired just go to bed for a few hours and be honest with everyone. We need exercise but we also need rest. Have a fabulous time, and stay fierce xxx

  • I will! Thank you 😎

  • Lovely photo, the weather looks really nice so enjoy your holiday, it’s really well deserved. I have the very same top, mine went to New York in July and was so easy to wear in the heat and I could eat all the wrong things didn’t have to hold anything in 😂. I hope the rest of your holiday is really enjoyable and you all have a fun filled time.

    Have a safe journey home, good luck with the check up, I know the jitters get us all but fingers crossed you’ll get good news. ❤️Xx Jane

  • Hi Jane, good old NEXT lol!!! It always feels cool and comfy and gets compliments doesn’t it? Like you say it hides a multitude of sins too which is a Brucie Bonus 😂.

    Thank you, yep I’m getting a little jittery but I feel good and my ca125 3 weeks ago was 15 so I’m keeping everything crossed 🤞

    Hope you are currently doing ok?

    Marian xx

  • Have a wonderful holiday xx

  • Thanks so much xx

  • Great pic! Enjoy your well deserved holiday!

    Juliet x

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