After 5 sessions, some suggestions

As we all know, everyone is affected different, but wast to share. I had surgery for uterine CA, stage 4, grade 3, and have completed 5 sessions carbo taxol. It has not been pleasant, but finding understanding and coping mechanisms has helped. It has been a combination of strategies and always evolving. Water, Gatorade, warm baths, essential oils on feet, massaging feet, acupuncture, iron supplement, magnesium, mild laxative, and doing as much as I can the week before the session ( 2 mile walks, working with personal trainer, yard work) .

Somehow. I am hopeful, and positive. Going back to work with a new outlook (was working 2 jobs) to slow down and enjoy my life more fully.

Having CT scan in about a month, and will write more. This has been hardest issue of my life, and I have appreciated your postings. My thoughts and prayers with you all.

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  • Many blessings & well wishes for you! I've only had one treatment & will have one every 3 weeks. I'm doing ok now. I saw an acupuncture doc last week for the 1st time & he did a strength test on me using my left arm extended & trying to resist while touching other areas with my right hand. I really can't tell much difference with only going once but my arm that was used for resistance has been so sore since. Do you feel that the acupuncture helped you after going several times. When did you go to acupuncture? Before or after treatment? Prayers for you! xx


  • Dear Andrea,

    I started the acupuncturist to help for cleansing the body of toxins- started a couple weeks after first chemo. It has helped my spirits too- endorphins , and she has said that she is treating my heart. She assessed that I was somewhat depressed( not me, ever, that I have recognized, so this was very therapeutic, and her treatment helped, I do believe). After first 4 sessions that were in a two week session, I now have gone in when I feel that I need it. I have gone in before the chemo, as I don't feel like doing much during a few days post chemo. My acupuncturist was trained in China, and her focus is strengthening my body/ her husband died from leukemia, and she believed it caused his early demise due to it's strong effects. She is happy that I have been able to do well with the chemo.

    Another activity that I have been doing is the audio relaxation tapes, Healing frequencies music, and color therapy, and drumming. Just things to relax. So much available -

    I have realized that I shouldn't eat whatever tastes good, as my cholesterol level did increase, and I am watching the diet (don't want another medication, so will recheck it in 2 months post chemo)

    It has helped that I have been able to take time off work to take care of me for a change.

    Many prayers for you and may God bless you


  • Marilyn, you sound as if you've had a hard time and your strategies for coping seem to have worked for you. Well done for being strong and powering through. I'm 2 sessions down of 6 carbo/taxol and due my 3rd one on Wed. I suffer with sickness and nausea despite change of anti sickness meds. I'm off work whilst going through this and can't even think of it at the moment! I'm concentrating on me and bring positive. Glad to hear you have tried to slow down to reduce stress, I think that aspect really does impact us doesn't it? Try and relax and not worry about your CT scan, easier said than done sometimes I know. Sending you virtual hugs, positive thoughts and my best wishes.


  • Clare,

    Thank you for you comments and support.

    I have not had any nausea or vomiting, most probably due to medications: decadron, zofran and emend. Decadron prior and after chemo, po for 5 days, and IV (day of prior), zofran IV prior and after (po), and emend IV prior day of chemo. Pepcid IV also day of chemo , prior. I have been very fortunate, but the doctor said his patients never have nausea with this regimen. They are big doses too, of course. I do not like the steroid of course, and find half the po dose is better.

    Again, good luck, prayers, and hugs to you


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