Operation on Tuesday, fingers crossed

I have my appointment for ultra radical surgery on Tuesday which I am soooo not looking forward to, but on the other hand know I have no choice so have been trying to be positive about it all.

I received a telephone call late this afternoon from the nurse at the hospital to say I need to go in tomorrow to have a blood transfusion as my blood levels at the mo mean I won't be up to the op??

Something else for me to worry about.

Has anyone had their op cancelled because of this? And what is having a blood transfusion like?

Iv spent my time dreading Tuesday but don't think I could handle a cancellation now.

I will know more tomorrow but can't help worrying.

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  • hi Millie C, if your blood count is down, it is better for you to have transfusion to build you up before operation. I have never had one to be honest but it is done intravenously over a period of time. This should then bring your blood count to normal before the operation. I want to wish you well for this, I know it is daunting, I was never in hospital prior to my surgery. I found it okay as the nurses were very reassuring. I got through the surgery okay and was back on the ward the day after surgery. Bring some nice nighties and hand cream on Tues and some magazines. Maybe some music on an ipod in case you are not up to reading. If you are in for more than a few days, you should restrict your visitors as you will feel tired.

  • Thanks Suzuki,

    I keep going in waves of anxiety about it, while ever I'm doing something I'm fine. I'm just not good at resting. I don't know why. I wish it would just go away. I would be dealing with the cancer so much better if it wasn't for this constant need to be doing something.

    I take on board the need for hand cream, magazines and music.

    Thanks for replying,

    Mandy. Xx

  • Maybe your doctor will allow the nurse to administer something right before your session to help calm you.

    I also made a sort of game of it. I had a special canvas bag with the initials of ovarian cancer-teal- embroidered on it with my initials. I carried my iPad, iPod, earphones, a drink, and a few other odds and ends. Just some ideas. Those days can be exhausting. Anything to help make it easier.

    If you knit, crochet, needlework, embroider maybe you can try something like that. I can't be that still.


  • Thanks for your comments, I do knit so spend quite alot of time knitting squares to make up a patchwork blanket. It does keep me calm.

    Problem is I can't do it all day so need other things to keep my mind active. Iv tried reading too but again when Iv done about three hours i need something else and so on....

    Why does the brain work like this, if I could just be calm doing nothing I would feel so much better.

    Thanks for your reply tho Nessie,

    Mandy, xx

  • Both times I had a transfusion it took about ten hours. Four hour's for each bag. I had two bags of blood at both. You just basically sit there while if goes in by IV. I watched TV and read to pass the time.

  • Hi b sooner,

    Thanks for your reply, I am waiting at the hospital now for my bloods. It looks like I will be having 2 units so even if they get me started now it's gonna be a good 10:00 tonight by the time they finish. Then a long walk back to the car park and a long drive home.

    I'm already tired from all the chemo but hopefully this will make me feel much better,

    I just hope they don't keep me in overnight as they didn't tell me to bring anything.

    Oh well nothing I can do about it I suppose.

  • Hi Millie C, please don't worry about the blood transfusion. I had one as a result of chemo messing up my red blood cells and basically, you just sit there while the blood drips into you intravenously and about a day later you have a bit more energy, thanks to someone else's donation! Bring a book, as it takes a while. And good luck for the op - also probably not nearly as bad as you're imagining.

  • Thanks for your reply,

    I'm just waiting for my bloods now,

    It's gonna be a long day as I haven't even got started yet.

    I have terrible anxiety when doing nothing and I'm worried this is going to kick in with me having nothing to do.

    I'm worried more about that than the actual blood transfusion.

    What a pain these side effects are. Iv never had anxiety before so can only put it down to the drugs or the disease.

  • Hopefully the blood transfusion will make your body strong enough for Tueday.

    It's all just such a worrying time but the next stage.

    I too have just been told I have my operation on Tursdsy. Still very worried they will say I need chemo first. Fingers crossed.

    Will be thinking of you today and on Tuesdsy. Xx

  • That's good news alf77, at least you have a date to work towards now.

    I hope everything goes well for you.

    Will be thinking about you too. Funny we have ended up having our surgery on the same day.

  • I have had two blood tranfusions and they were fine. As said before they take some time to go through but hopefully you will feel better for it. I know I did.

    best wishes


  • Thanks for your reply Sharon,

    I'm waiting for the bloods now.

    Already took nearly 3 hrs and Iv not got started yet.

    It's going to be a long day.



  • Hi, I had to have blood transfusions following my surgery. Nothing to sorry about. Good luck. Ann x

  • Thanks Ann,

    I'm waiting for the bloods now, I wish they would get it started as soon as, I'm fed up already. Been waiting 3 hrs now.

  • Tge waiting is always the worst part lol . xo

  • I am getting a lot of blood transfusions lately. They take 2 hours per unit so it takes a while if it's more than one unit. They give you a boost too. Nothing to worry about on that end. I'm sorry you are anxious about the op but bit seems like your team is doing everything to get it done for you.

    Wishing you all thd best.



  • Thanks trish,

    I arrived at the hospital 3 hrs ago and Iv not got started yet. Wish they would just get it going as soon as. I'm rubbish at this waiting about game.

    It's gonna be a long day.

    Hope you are well,

    Mandy. X

  • Mandy you will be shattered later. Why is all such a waiting game. Hope you have started on it now.

    Will be thinking of you too on Tuesday.

    Just been out and bought some new PJs, toiletries and magazines. My son said 'it's like you're going on holiday '! I wish !!

    You take care.

    Sarah x

  • I hope you have started the transfusions at this stage you should be home later if not in the morning. You will indeed feel the better of it and so much stronger after the surgery. Thinking of you.

  • Started at 6:00 so it has been a very long day so far.

    Fingers crossed will be finished by about 10:00 and then home and straight to bed.

    I am hoping the blood makes me feel better, fingers crossed.

    Hope you are well,

    Mandy. Xx

  • HI Millie C gosh that was a long wait. I hope at this stage you are nearly done and yes home to bed, You should find by Sunday morning you have lots of energy but do take it easy.

  • Just arrived home and got settled 11:20. Can't believe the day we have had. Couldn't do all this without my partner Lee. Can't wait to feel great Sunday. Maybe I will treat him to lunch out somewhere.

    Thanks for your support.


  • You need to have a blood transfusion pre-op to sort of mobilize your forces, to be sure you have enough colloid osmotic pressure to keep thicker elements such as your blood, in vascular spaces, where it should be, and not wandering about looking for other trouble.

    The actual procedure of a transfusion is very basic,. The blood is, of course, checked for many diseases. When it's typed and cross matched for transfusion, ready to go, you get periodic vital sign checks during the procedure. I've never, in 25 years of nursing, seen a blood transfusion reaction, including my own 8 units with 2 cancers. And those sharp oncology nurses are ready with meds in case there's a problem.

    So, my dear, Millie-c, you now have one less thing to worry about. My best wishes, Nesie

  • Thanks for your reply, I feel better mentally now the transfusion is done. Like u say it was nothing to worry about. Others have said that I should feel much better by Sunday so I'm keeping my fingers crossed,



  • I forgot to mention that not only was the procedure not bad, but that getting the blood would make you feel stronger. I'm glad someone said that and glad you are feeling a little stronger. Also, sometimes chemo may be postponed because your white blood count is too low. That is for your protection. Chemo is toxic and kills more than the target cells. Take care, Nesie

  • I've had two thus far and anticipate another before my last chemo. It's a nuisance but does make you feel better. xx

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