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Update on op and constipation advice welcome


Dearest contributors , I can’t thank you enough for all your earlier help and advice. I thought I would do an update. I came through op (TAH, BSO) and bowl dissection (not sure of the difference between dissection and resection). May have to have Blood transfusion because haemoglobin levels low. Seriously worried about constipation going forward - not just in the hospital (have not passed a motion yet) . Tips/advice most welcome. Histology results maybe back by Friday this week or early next week.

I also want to say a heartfelt thanks - to all the ladies who made me feel less alone and whose courage and all round resilience, I salute. Please know that your posts and replies made a real difference. 😊😊😊👍

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Hiya. Well done for making it out the other side of the big surgery. The first few days can be uncomfortable, what with the million tubes and tethers and IVs, but most annoying to me was the inactive bowel.

My surgeon warned me about it though.. said the bowel doesn't like being handled. Took a week after my first op to get it going again, and a colonic irrigation. You might not get much to eat either right now, so it may just take a few days to get a motion again.

Check if you can have peppermint tea, to help with wind if that's a concern. Otherwise I'd say move, drink and eat as much as you are allowed, and ask whether a stool softener (e. g. Movicol) or laxative is available.

Going forward, after the hospital, I found movicol to be my new best friend in the bowel/constipation department. One to two satchets to get a light constipation moving.. more if things are fairly dire. Might be different for everyone / you though.

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Xx. Maus.

amrpm in reply to Maus123

Thanks for this and the speedy response. I think I am going to be prescribed sodium docusate for the constipation. Do you know if you are allowed to use glycerin much suppositories if things get really bad? Thanks for all the good wishes. The advice really helps- it is a scary time😊😊😊

Maus123 in reply to amrpm

Hm I guess that depends on the state of your bowels (thinking of the operation impact). Without resection/dissection I was offered pretty much the full range... stool softeners/Movicol, laxatives and suppositories/enemas as needed. I'd check with the doctors. It will start working again, promise. :) xx. Maus

amrpm in reply to Maus123

😀😀😀thanks - appreciate the info

Alifit in reply to Maus123


I was given suppositories before I left hospital - they wouldn’t let me leave without a bowel movement so I was happy to use them. As with all things though, check with medical folk before self medicating.

I’m back on chemo now and use Movicol just before and for a week after. I also take a couple of sodium docusate most days, I had a night in hospital after the first lot of this chemo with constipation/suspected bowel blockage so will do anything to avoid that!

It will resolve itself soon, best wishes, Ali x

Well done on getting through your operation, you will get better each day , baby steps .

My oncologist prescribed sodium ducusate . Two twice a day , I added 15 mls of lactolous to this , and it works for me . Very gentle , and no pain .

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Lots of rest though.

Sheila xxx

amrpm in reply to Manchesterlady

Thank you - that is useful to know. 😊😊😊


Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you and take very good care of yourself in the coming weeks.

Many of us have been through this so please feel free to get in touch anytime.

I’ve had this surgery and more recently a second surgery.

Though I’m a huge advocate of all things natural, as Shelia has said in the previous post Sodium Ducusate is fab!I was given this after this surgery and very gentle and effective too.

I highly recommend M and S live yoghurt with prunes also or you can make your own!

I’m never without a bottle of Milk of Magnesia also...but,be careful not to overdo the recommended dosage!

Wishing you a good recovery.

Best wishes,Clare x

amrpm in reply to CJR99

Thank you for this. I am very grateful for all the advice. It is ‘uncharted territory ‘ for me so guidance is most welcome 😊😊😊

Pleased you posted an update, Inwas wondering how you were doing. I really wanted to do it naturally, but did use the Lactulose they gave me after I left hospital to give things a bit of help when things didn't happen instantly, taking it morning and night one day and getting action soon after. Moving as much as you can is definitely recommended, as that gets things moving internally too. It took a few days, but remember you will have been cleaned out beforehand and probably are on a low fibre diet, so it will take time to buildup a poo anyway! Don't panic, don't strain and let gravity work its magic. Above all, be patient. I found once I got going, I did lots of small poos, as if my body didn't want it inside anymore, or couldn't store it. You may also need to learn what your body is telling you again - listen to each movement and take notice of wind, it's often the only warning you may get! Be prepared for the odd narrow escape too as your bowel may still be a bit numb for a while, and you might not always realise you need to go till the last minute, Oh, and hot drinks, especially coffee are good!

I think I said, I went from a bowel resection in July to chemo a month later, which also messes with your bowel. I've had two rounds so far, and last night, I felt things were really getting back to normal in both quantity and consistency, which is a major result, having increased the amount of fibre I can eat. Remember, little fibre to work with means there is little bulk to help it through, but it will come. Just less than you imagine. Good luck!

amrpm in reply to Madmarilyn

Lovely to hear from you. Just on solid food today. Am a bit scared of the ‘first poo’ as it were. So other people’s experiences are really helpful. Many thanks 😊😊😊

amrpm in reply to Madmarilyn

Seems like things are under control. They want to discharge probably tomorrow but I have not yet been able to poo. Did you manage to ‘go’ before you were released from hospital. Last night got put on sodium docusate and suppository for tonight. Crossing fingers and everything! 😊😊😊

My first one was small, oily and looked like camp coffee! Think it was the anaesthetic coming out. That was in hospital, the next one took a few days. You will be fine, chew your food, take your lactulose or whatever they give you and relax! The hardest bit I found was getting off the loo without a poo, and not staying there forever!

I remember having difficulty opening my bowels after surgery like most ladies. Then last year I had more surgery, at a different hospital, with a different surgeon, to remove recurrent tumours. I was prescribed docusate sodium & Lactulose twice a day after the op, & had a movement within days, and loose stools the day I went home, so had to stop the laxatives. Di

amrpm in reply to Di16


Thanks anything to avoid constipation!!!!


Hello. I also had a dissection of bowels back in January after radical hysterectomy. My advice would be to start moving asap. I was eating baby food mainly pears and apples. Also have done gentle stairs walking as well as pulling knees towards tummy gently exercises. As it was my 2nd op withing a period of 2 weeks i have dredded nit being able to even pass the wind. All the above helped. Hope it will help you too. Best wishes. X

Really grateful for your response. It's very helpful when someone else has gone through exactly the same thing. I have taken on board your advice🙂🙂🙂🙂

Hi amrpm, I had constipation on opiate medication which is usual, and I didn't like some of the effects caused by prescribed laxatives. Concentrated Vitamin C orange juice worked for me and is very gentle. Vit C at a high level is a natural laxative, I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed concentrated orange juice in hospital as it's often given with meals anyway. When your out you could try ground flax seeds as well. They are very high in omega3 and for me they also help things along. Best wishes with your recovery and hope you are able to be home soon.


Thank you. Appreciate it.🙂🙂🙂

Hi . The ladies have given you good advice as usual ,It'a a good idea to watch any problems with constipation as this can develop into a blockage.

I had one earlier and now make sure i go no longer then 2 days with out going, I try to make it each day if passable , I take 2 Coloxyl with softener each night and a big glass of prune juice in the morning. if I had to I would take a Movicol I just make sure I go regularly.

As I said the ladies have given you some good advice I would try and see which one suite you. I hope you find the right treatment to help ..Take care Lorraine xx

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