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I am writing for my mom!

Her intestinal motility has stopped working properly so she is on steroids, hormones and meloxophran (spellining probably wrong on that last one!). Anyone have this problem before???  She seems to be in a concentrated daze/shock but still positive funny and great!   Cant go forth with treatment until she can eat again... It jas something to do with nerve damage from chemo i think and the fact that she lost a lot of her large intestine.  I kinda hate chemo! And i wish doctors would use natural therapies slong with more conventional ones.  And i think that big pharma is running this industry of chemical therapy for profit! I am angry i think.  But seriously I was curious if intestines ever start working again?  Her sugery to remove a significant portion of her large inyestine was before her chemo.  Her bowel worked as well as it could during chemo and then now she cant digest food anymore... Went quite a few days trying to hold food down but could until we got to admit her... Nobody has given her a probiotic in there... Wouldnt that help???

Anyways... Thanks for listening!

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Hi Evelyn

Sorry to hear your Mum is not so well..I haven't had this myself but it does sound like they are trying to sort things out for her. I would suggest you concentrate on being there for her and if she does fancy eating something not on the hospital food menu ( it can be very unappetising)  then by all means offer it to her as long as her Doc' s agree. Don't get too hung up on the old big pharma thing...what matters is you and your Mum. Xxxxx


Hi Evelyn I feel for you & your poor mum.  I don't have any experience of this but am planning to go privately to an oncology nutritionist post-chemo as my digestion, general health, etc, has been pretty messed up by the chemo.  I haven't looked into this yet - but it's just a suggestion - as the NHS isn't geared up for the non-medical side of things, unfortunately.  Wishing you both the best xx


Hi Evelyn, I'm sorry your mum is having these iussuyes. I've never had surgery to my intestines. I did however have a bloickage in bowel when on first line chemo.  It caused a loot of pain.   I was treated with IV fluids, nil by mouth and after about 3 days my bowel started to work.   Chemo can sloiw the bowrel right doiwn so its important to drink lits when h having chemo.

I hope your mum feelks better soi .

Ann x


I have no medical expertise but I did have small bowel resection in January. The point at which I started to seriously improve was after I started back on my daily probiotic pill. I had a check up with the surgeon last week and when I told him this he said he thought they should be used in the NHS.


My mother couldn't eat for ten days after her primary surgery. Part of her bowels was removed. She could only take liquid meal replacements in low doses. The docs couldn't quite pin it down. Peristalsis weren't happening. My guess it was a systemic malfunction. Our nathuropath later said that when cancer cells die they send signals to the brain commanding to shut the digestion off. Quite graphic description, isn't it? It's not for me to judge wheather it's true. But I suspect the brain was involved in this stalling. Because only when she was treated with low dose haloperidol plus antiemetics, she began her recovery.


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