adominal pain ...bulky ovaries? no periods !

I have been in/out of hospital for over a year with adominal pain around belly button ,sometimes left pain but last two admissions have been right side. Ive gone from having gallstones, kidney stones and appendicitis to now bulky ovaries..but what does this mean. i had a cyst last april of which i bled for first time in may but then cyst had gone in june, i got excited thinking after 14 months it was a period. Then july came i was rushed back in hospital i had bulky ovaries but no explanation. We want another baby but without periods and doctors saying to try lose weight of which i do so much exercise but cant lose i can no longer see this happening . I just dont understand bulky ovaries.

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  • Sorry you have all these worries but you have come to the right place to get support. I cannot help you with answers to your questions but if you ring the nurse helpline at Ovacome on 0845 371 0554 tomorrow in office hours, you will get a knowledgeable and sympathetic answer. Good luck with all this, I know what a worry this is.

    Love Wendy xx

  • thank you so much wendy, i will ring them as i need help

  • I can only endorse what Wendy has just said to give the helpline a ring tomorrow ...

    I think bulky ovaries doesn't necessarily mean that you have ovarian cancer... but that you can have a form of endometriosis or cystic ovaries I am not sure though and can see that you are understandably worried.. best wishes x G x

  • thank you gwyn i have thought for a long time could it be cancer ? its driving me mad

  • Dear Kelz

    I'm not much help not having any medical knowledge but I do endorse what Wendy and Gwyn say. I hope that you ring the help line. I can sympathise with the weight problem though! I have struggled with my weight all my life. I have just lost 2 stones on the Slimming World extra easy programme and I thoroughly recommend it. With the exercise and healthy eating you shuld be able to deal with that part of the problem.

    Thinking of you and wishing you well!

    Margaret xxxx

  • Well done, Margaret! I may look into that one .... is it available online?

    Love W xx

  • Dear Margaret - Congratulations on your weight-loss achievement. Slimming World sounds a great idea to me. I retire tomorrow and have time to concentrate on a new regime. I lost 2 stone last year as one of the symptoms of my ovarian cancer was loss of appetite. Whilst I'm delighted my appetite is back I'm a little disappointed to have put back nearly all the weight. xxx Annie

  • Hi Annie!

    Well done for making it to retirement! May it be a long and happy one for you. I have to say, I am loving retirement,MIT has given me enthusiasms and interests I thought I had left behind in my late teens.

    Celebrate! Enjoy!

    Love Wendy xx

  • Dear Wendy,

    Thanks for those kind words. The transition to retirement was at the time a painful one as I wasn't able to return to my own job. I gave it some wellie and then decided a compromise agreement was probably the best thing all round so that made it so much easier to walk out of the office last week.

    I have plans to continue with my volunteering and perhaps do some consultant work whilst my experience is still fresh. It's opened up all sorts of opportunities.

    My first weekend of retirement was spent on our boat in Noss Mayo - a beautiful little inlet on the South Devon coast. We're just travelling home now and I'm smug as pie as I won't have to get up early in the morning!

    I feel a joyful blog on retirement coming on. Think I might even have a go at writing again.

    xx annie

  • thank you hun , i joined the gym,weightwatchers and do 4 classes a week i just cant lose im so disappointed

  • That happened to me too which is why I decided to make a real effort after my last op. my daughter was following the programme while I was there convalescing and I found the 'extra easy' programme fitted so well with my diabetes and theb need to keep the stoma working that I am following it. I tend to be strict with myself so that I can save my 'syns' for the odd glass of red wine (or two) LOL!

    M xxx

  • Since writing this i have been for blood tests and get them back monday so im hoping this may show up something.

  • Hi Kelz,

    All the best for you blood results on Monday, I hope they find something but hope it will be really insignificant...just so that you will get answers...and get or sorted love x G x :-)

  • Hi keltz!

    Good luck with the blood test!


  • Hi Keltz! Will be thinking of you. Hoping for a good result and an answer to your worries.

    Love Wendy xx

  • thanks all for your lovely messages i had results back and they found nothing they where testing and looking for and poly cystic ovaries but bloods come back normal..i dont know what else to do . is bulky ovaries normal? is not having a period normal? i dont know what else to do . maybe i will never know, maybe i should give up and just put up with pain .feeling low today my chance of another baby is never going to happen.

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