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Laproscopic removal of ovaries and tubes

I had both ovaries and my tubes removed due to the discovery of two masses in my ovaries. I don't know why this lady has had so much pain, but perhaps my story can help.

Right after surgery, I was in a moderate amount of pain, but as time went on the pain became worse and worse. After a day of this, I got the feeling that perhaps the pain was related to having gas. They have to pump air into your incision to see what they are doing, and I was unable to expel this air (this is a polite way of saying "fart"). The doctors encouraged me to walk around the hospital floor and then I would be able to fart. That didn't work and as I got back to my room, I remembered that this had ocurred to me once before, and I had bent over thinking that might help me fart. I bent over, and sure enough, the air was expelled.

So, I bent over my hospital bed, and what do you know? The floodgates opened. I had to beg the forgiveness of my roommate, but now that I had they answer, I bent over whenever I felt the pain coming back. I don't know if your pain is the result of having unexpelled gas, but try my method. After a while, I found that I had to sort of pump my body by standing erect, then bending over several times. Almost any position can do it. I also tried leaning over to my left and right, and that helped too.

I had been encouraged to have my ovaries removed over a year ago, because I had the BRCA1 gene. I am very sorry now that I didn't do it then, because now I have ovarian cancer, and the doctors have found that the cancer may have spread to two other organs. As you know, ovarian cancer does not have a good prognosis. Please tell your sister to have the surgery now, before she develops this terrible cancer. I know she may be scared by how much pain you are having, but that does not compare to the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

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Dear Karywary

Your description of dealing with post-op wind made me smile. I had a similar problem after surgery and until I could take myself for a long walk on about day 3 I tried bending over the bed and putting my bottom above my head. The gynaecologist passed by and laughed saying it's what she recommends for her mums when they give birth.

I'm afraid all the bending didn't work for me. On Day 3 I was desperate and as I like to get dressed in day clothes in hospital I asked if I could go to the canteen. The relief was wonderful. Not just flatulence - more like a wind tunnel. I thought I might be blown down the corridor.

To my joy there was a chicken jalfrezi in the canteen. That ousted the last remnants of trapped wind and was delicious to boot.

But to more serious matters. Nobody should be in uncontrollable pain. It is worth considering surgery if you have worries or a family link to ovarian, breast or prostrate cancer. You shouldn't bear yourself up about not having had more surgery as it only reduces the likelihood and is not a prevention altogether.

xxxx love Annie



I wonder why you had a laprascopic hysterectomy,(title of blog) isn't this keyhole surgery?

I must admit after my surgery (a full hysterectomy with debulking) I didn't get any pain whatsoever... (but we are all different) I agree that if there is any risk of OC people should get it diagnosed without delay, on retrospect most of us wish we had seen about it sooner, but we are where we are.... and like Annie says preventative surgery doesn't guarantee we won't get OC but it does considerably reduce the risk of having OC, in your case only a year before, having the surgery might have caught it earlier (without further spread) but you probably would have still have had cancer.... I wish I had taken more notice of my symptoms but being forewarned is a wonderful thing hence the need for raising awareness, so thank you for doing this.

Best wishes love x G x


It is true that having the surgery does not guarantee you won't get ovarian cancer, but one year ago I had normal CA125 values and a thorough pelvic sonagram including having a wand inserted into my vagina that showed my ovaries to be completely normal. Had I had the surgery then, I doubt I would be dealing with ovarian cancer today.


I had similar operation 37 years ago. Was bent double with pain after until the nurses gave me Magnesium trisilicate with warm water. I can remember after a few doses cool, fresh air streamed from my body for about an hour. What a relief. Later as a student nurse I saw this used after all gynae ops. It is a miracle cure for the dreaful pain of post operative trapped wind and can be bought for kess than £2 from pharmacies,x


I had a laparoscopy before having laparotomy. After the laparaoscopy I was in a lot of pain so much so that I was doubled over and I found sitting very uncomfortable bending was almost impossible. After a week of this I rang the MacMillan team at St Marys and I was readmitted to hospital. It was a haemotoma but they decided to keep me in so they could drain my pleural effusion, which was very painful and made me cry.


Two years ago, when I was 81, I was diagnosed OC and had the full removal works with an incision from waist to pubic line. The pain from the gas pumped in was absolutely awful for the first three days, reducing me to tears. My darling daughter then sat on the bed behind me and massaged my back quite vigourously and it broke the airlock - I was projectile sick, it was visiting time, most embarassing! Had to walk the length of the ward to the washroom to be cleaned up! But the relief was wonderful. My daughter made me take oil of peppermint which helped a lot. The gas pains and sickness continued for around three weeks before finally going away.

One thing occurred to me at the time - no wonder very young babies scream from wind pains - I have a much better understanding of why I had so many wakeful nights when my babies were small. I do hope that all of you with these dreadful pains find relief in some way or other.

I read the stories from all you brave ladies on Ovacome and my heart goes out to you all. Tears are never far away when reading some of your stories. I salute your courage.


You are an inspiration to us... Best wishes love x G x


The best advice I was ever given post c section was peppermint tea and peppermint oil in hot water. It's magic for relieving wind after surgery. It can get so bad that it s in your shoulder blades too.


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