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groin pain after removal of vulva lesion

Hi, I had surgery for removal of vulva lesion that metastasized from ovarian, very uncommon, last week , also had catscan that showed 3 small mass in deep tissue of vagina, started taxter again 2 weeks, been on chemo pill for two months which had no side effects. before surgery i had a very mild feeling in groin, right after surgery I have been having severe pain and burning in my groin and upper inner thigh, hurts the worst going from standing to sitting stairs at ties it is hard to walk pain is not bad if i stay in bed with my back against wall and legs straight out or bent, oncologist did not know what pain was, catscan showed no reason for that pain, any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank-you, Rose

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Could be a nerve pain arising from previous surgery, perhaps it might be wise to attend your gp and have mri. If you have already done this, perhaps Ruth the Ovacome nurse can put your fears more at ease.


thank-you the unknown is what gets me


Hi i forgot to ask do i post to Ruth or call, thanks Rose

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Hi Rose you can telephone her and the ladies on here have found her extremely supportive and knowledgeable. You see all the nerves in that area are connected so it is easy to have pain. Hope they gave you painkillers coming out of hospital.


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