chemo a no-go this week. Ugh

This is a first for me. Had exam appt today prior to the start of my second chemo cycle post surgery. Blood results came in and some were simply too low and dr said I have to delay a week. Its likely exasperated from my week long cold. My levels have been low in initial cycles prior to surgery, but they said no way today.

Domino effect. My full weekly chemo schedule is being pushed back a week. So my final week of chemo will now fall on my husband's 50th birthday and plans for that weekend will already need to be cancelled. Still going to have his family fly in (east coast to west coast of usa, because we just need something to look forward too, and make his birthday special. But the plans and activities at least for me need to be scrapped. A shitty end to a bad week. Hope Next week trends up. 😐

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  • This happened to my Mom too post surgery. Even though she tolerated chemo fairly well, and always went to each session mentally prepared, there was one week when her oncologist said (and I'm paraphrasing), "You're white blood cell count is just too low, and we have to wait until next Monday." Of course, it's hugely disappointing, because I know how desperately my Mom just wanted to get through each week, without any obstacle. Next week will be better, and it's amazing what just a week off of chemo can do for you. It's better that it gets delayed by a week, rather than you getting a terrible cold.

  • Hi

    Not one of my treatment were ever on time because my bloods were off I know it's shitty you build yourself up get in the zone get things sorted but try not let it get to you I had to have my bloods done the day before treatment so it was always hit or miss I had a total of 12 blood transfusions so it was more miss than hit but try not get too down no point getting it of your body isn't ready some of my treatments were two three weeks late on the up side I suffered / suffer with really bad leg and feet pain from the taxol so an extended break did help X

  • Spencer2016,

    Please Don't count yourself out of activities just yet... Often times the effects of chemo don't really kick in until 2-3 days. Also I am sure if your Onc knew you were having a big event like that they could move it to Monday so that you could enjoy the weekend plans. Wishing you a better day. Take care of your cold and yourself. hugs

  • Spencer2016, I'm sorry about your chemo, this cancer doesn't care about plans. My friend who's only 44 is dying from a rare sarcoma. And the doctor gave her 24hrs - 48hrs to live. I'm so sad about it, she wants to live too. And just went through a lot of chemo and radiation and still is dying. Cancer is just evil, I'm sorry we all have these worries over our heads. I guess we have to accept and try to be strong for one another. I know your husband Birthday is important, but this isn't something we get to control. Don't feel guilty about pushing back your chemo, your doing the best you can, right now. I pray that you will feel better and things will get better for you soon. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’•πŸ€

  • I'm keeping this in check- its not tragic, just messed with plans- the very first time i got excited and planned something special. And have a lot of people flying in and now I'll likely have to scale back my participation and time to visit.

  • But don't make yourself feel bad, your going through a lot already. You don't need extra stress, and I'm sure your family flying out will understand. Try to relax this weekend, and give yourself a breakπŸ˜ΊπŸ’•

  • Unfortunately this can happen but your team can work around your husbands 50th and delay your treatment for a week so you can join in the celebrations, hope this is an idea for you to ponder

  • Thanks- Once I get the okay and back at it, will discuss with dr delaying a week or even just a few days. We'll see.. best laid plans

  • Or Murohys law but it can be sorted, I know we are slow to ask for change to our chemo appointments but in fact usually the nurses want us to enjoy life a bit too and oblige us.

  • I think i'm just sick and tired of feeling crappy. πŸ€§πŸ€’πŸ€• I have been in weekly treatment without a break since early Oct with exception of 3 weeks for my surgery. The surgery recouperation is slow and uncomfortable now that I am back in weekly chemo. I think this week off will be useful if i could just shake this cold/sore throat/flu thing. Seems my immune system isn't strong enough to multi-task and is busy building lots of scar tissue (dr's comment). That seems to be causing the swelling and abdominal aches. But i had a exam yesterday and apparently I am looking "good" πŸ™„πŸ˜²πŸ˜³

    I'm sure next week will be better. 🀞🏻

    Thanks for the reminder suzuki! Hope you are doing well and feeling good! 🌸🌺🌼

  • Totally get how you must be feeling, I'm always more emotional when I'm not feeling well, plus it's such a goal (the end of chemo) and that you have your hubbys birthday to look forward to. Are you feeling better about it all now you've had a chance to get your head round it?

    I'm lucky as I turned up on Fri with the start of a cold but bloods were okay so we still went ahead πŸ™πŸΌ am counting down myself, as we are on a V similar path - 4 left but am too scared to book a holiday yet just in case!

    I'm still taking painkillers for my surgery but think I need to stop & see what the pain in like without masking. Onc told me to try twisting legs (with bent knees) & arms in opposite directions whilst lying down to stop scar tissue from getting worse...

    Hope you're feeling okay today xxx

  • Thanks for the tip Sarah- I'm at 6 more then scans. πŸ™πŸ» i can get this next one (the double whammy I call it) under my belt this week.

    i can't quite figure out the movement to help with the scar tissue. Is that laying on back, bending knees and having legs fall side to side? πŸ€”

    Hope your week goes smoothly. I've been off pain meds for a few weeks but almost took one last night. Seems to be flaring up again. Going to try to figure out your scar tissue stretch. I tend to get a lot of it!

    Best, anne πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ’

  • Re movement lay on back knees bent, arms spread out on either side, then do a twisting motion and let both knees fall to one side, while your head goes to the opposite side and then repeat on the other side. This twists the area where the scar is. Hope that helps. I'm struggling today with chemo fatigue & cold, not a great combination is it πŸ˜• Xxx

  • Spencer2016, are you feeling a little better now? Just checking up on you, take care, have sweet dreams, goodnight 😴🌸

  • Thanks. Think the week off may be just what I need. I've got to shake this cold/flu and get some strength back! Hope you have a relaxing weekend. πŸ’œAnne

  • Hello Spencer2016

    I know what that felt like to have the session cancelled five weeks ago. I too had a virus which knocked me down. Dr said if I had Taxol that day I would be an inpatient the following week. Reluctantly I accepted it and went home. It was the best advice. It takes longer to fight off a cold when chemo is in process too

    I had to cancel the idea of a holiday with friends in Spain at Easter as my appointments are now shunted 2-3 weeks ahead. However, I'm glad I took the break as I was dragging myself around for several weeks and the low feeling that goes with it.

    I don't know how you feel after a chemo session, ie: does it knock you out or are you ok for a day or so afterwards. Maybe you could have a steroid given with the treatment or for the day after to give you a bit more normalcy. Maybe your visitors could bring more than themselves so you can have more energy for the fun part of your husband's 50th celebration πŸŽ‚.

    All the best and I hope it all works out for you.


  • Hi Spencer 2016,

    This happened to me and I remember how disappointed I was when told I couldn't have chemo that week... I cried from that news and from all the other pressures. Anyway, the second time this happened I asked about getting a drug to bring my white cell count higher. My insurance covered the drug: Neupogen. I had injections of that drug for five out of every seven days, and it did the trick. I live very close to the hospital, so getting there for the shots wasn't a problem. I also had two blood transfusions during those weeks of chemo, and they helped to bring up the red blood cell count. Best of luck and very best wishes to you! If all else fails, I know they can push your final week of chemo back a bit.


  • Thaks Caltavutoro-

    I've had transfusions in the past and on one occasion the neupogen shot. I hated that shot. I'll trust the Doctor to decide what is best and they want me to have a week break. At any rate, It's not delaying chemo a week I was upset about per se- just overall bad week and the delay extended my treatment end date, which will greatly disrupt some big plans I was making. Not the end of the world, just the capper to a overall rough week. But appreciate the support and suggestions.

    Hope you are having a restful and relaxing weekend!

  • Hi Spencer.......I had to skip one of my treatments due to a low white count. I started on Neupogen twice a week and never had to skip another treatment. Also, my doctor said that they would not add another treatment on the end as I thought they might. As a result, I had 17 weeks instead of the 18. As someone else mentioned, they may be able to change your day when the time comes for your husband's birthday. If not, it'll just be another disappointment.....I guess we're all used to that! Take heart, though. I am in remission 2 years now after being diagnosed with stage 4 oc.

    I hope you're feeling better and that you get rid of the cold/flu and get on with your treatments. Prayers for you and your family.........JudyV

  • Hi,

    I totally understand your disappointment. But you can't do anything about it. My first line chemo went well and smooth. My second line is not that great. I life in Ireland with my husband and son. We had tickets booked for our parents or friend to coming over from Poland for each chemo to help us and look after myself and our baby. When doctor said after my first dose of chemo, which nearly killed meπŸ˜‰, that we have to postpone the next one I said that this not the option at all. Finally I got better and u got second dose on time. But my previous 5th chemo was postponed due bad cold and long lasting, painful ulcers In my mouth. She knew I won't be happy with decision but actually I was fine. I was so tired of cold and ulcers, blood weren't good so I was happy to delay chemo. We rebooked dad's flight and he is here with me now. I know it's hard when you have plans and you are waiting for something. But be patient and let the things work out for you. With cancer and treatment you can't predict anything. Postponed chemo spoiled my trip for Easter as well. My son has 3 weeks of from school and we wanted to visit grandparents for this time. But we are staying here, he will be off, I will get chemo and will be in bed for a week and half. Thus time I don't have engine who can come over as well. And this is gonna be my last, 6th, caelyx /carbo which wasn't pleasant on me from beginning.

    What u can suggest, if that will work for you, of course after consulting with your doctor... Check Will chemo delay will work for you. Ask for postpone for a week, or week and half, just not to get it when your family and big celebration us on the table.

    Hope everything will go OK, best wishes

    Zaneta, xx

  • Hi, Spencer. I'm in the U.S., but my onc has always been very flexible about scheduling treatments around big life events. Hasn't killed me yet! I do hope yours thinks that a slight delay so close to the end won't make a difference. But do be sure to ask! Linda

  • Thanks Linda. I'll see if I am back on schedule this week πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    i will ask after I can get a few more under my belt! Where in U.S are you? I am in San Francisco. πŸŒ‰πŸŒ

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