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Back on track with chemo. Yepee

I have gad my 2nd set of chemo today. Carbo. Gem. Avistan. Had a little set back for s week due to low white bloods cells. They told me there was nothing i could do to bring them back up. I googled it snd there where lots of tips. I put it into action and it did the trick. So i intend to stay on this plan for life to keep up my cell count up. So if anyone else has this issue. Dont despair google it. Take care.

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Brilliant ... What are the tips, I was told that nothing would help to bring it up , xxx


As you can imagine, this is an often discussed question on this site.

If you do a search (top right corner) on either "blood counts" or "white blood cells" you'll see what tips people have given (most of us having been told there was nothing to do about it).

Hope you find something useful. x


Hi Maz

I've just finished the same prescription as you. I was also told by my oncologist there was nothing I could do about low blood cell count. I missed the first top-up of Gemcitibane, but was then given GCS-F injections which boost the bone marrow into producing white blood cells and had no problem after that. I hope the remainder of the course goes well for you. Nothing worse than turning up to be told you can't go ahead with chemo.

best wishes. Annie


I had fresh garlic 1 to 2 cloves. Plums. Scrambled eggs. Berries. Oranges. Magoes. I made a smoothie with mangos. Vitamins. If you have a computer type in white blood cells it will list everything. Also taking these items made me feel so well before and after chemo. So im sticking to it. I have never eaten so many eggs in my life. My friend told me to make a quice with eggs. Also macrel. Sardines and wild salmon. Good luck. This should help keep your immune system up.


Also enchinchea


Dear Maz,

I was advised by my oncologist not to take echinacia while on chemo because you could be interfering with the way chemo works.. it is best to check with the oncologist before you embark on anything really ... Also the chances are your blood would have returned to the level where you can have chemo anyway ... and it probably had nothing to do with what you took... if there was something you could do...then surely the experts would know about it, after all their aim is to give you successful treatment... not that I think eating healthy isn't wise because it is but any suplements you should check with your oncologist first.

Best wishes love x G x


I was not leaving it to chance. I was feeling the symptoms of the cancer and i needed thechemo. I felt so much better eating healthly. I stopped all supplements 2 days before chemo and started 2 days after chemo. Thanks for reminder about enchinchea.


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