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Hi everyone not posted for a while but have been following .Carbo unfortunately did not work so started weekly Taxol last week. Went for my 2nd on Wednesday and had bad reaction so that is now out. Am really down as I was hoping that was going to help. Am seeing oncologist on Monday regarding the way forward . Really bad 2016 so far not coping well. Husband been really poorly two ops for prostate cancer one to remove prostate and then emergency surgery 4 days later to repair punctured bowel which resulted him having to have stoma and a 3 week stay in hospital afterwards and then sadly my mam passed away. Not coping well at all . Don't know what options I have got with oc but hoping something .Sorry to ramble love to all you ladies Jean xx

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  • My thoughts are with you Jean, you'rehaving such a bad time and no wonder you're not coping well. hopefully you and your hubby get a break soon and hopefully they can find something else you can try for your OC. I cant offer advice but to send you both a big hug and hope things improve soon for you. Please keep us posted. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Love Kathy xx

  • Dear Jean

    It's good you've shared with us and I'm sending a big hug. You must feel as though everything is against you at the moment and it's no wonder you're feeling down and not coping.

    What a time you've had with your husband's op and then the stoma to follow. Was there some complication with the first procedure? You both have a lot of adjustments to make. Is he home from hospital now? I can imagine you will both need a comprehensive programme of support.

    Do you have family and close friends nearby? Do you feel your hospital has put in place what is needed?

    Don't feel alone. Please keep posting, and you could also ring Ruth, the Ovacome Nurse 0800 0087 054. She may have some suggestions as to where you should be turning for help.

    Sending love. xx Annie

  • Original op went ok it was done robotically but he just did not recover just seemed to deteriorate with problems. After 4 days he had a CT Scan as they thought he had trouble with bowel. CT showed a small tear which needed urgent surgery. Tear very low down next to where prostate was removed. Very worrying time as he was so poorly with infection etc. District nurses coming in every day to dress wound .Getting plenty of support from them and stoma care. Am trying to stay positive but it is very hard especially in the middle of the night .Will keep you posted .Jean xx

  • Oh you are having a bad time. So sorry. Hopefully things will start to get better. Best wishes

  • What a dreadful time you are having - what a dreadful start to the NY . I do hope that your consultant can come up with some new options and maybe a call to Ovacome nurses ? X

  • Sorry that you are having such a rough time of it at the moment,hope your husband is feeling a little better and that he continues to improve,sending you a big hug.

  • So sorry Jean that you are going through such a hard time. You certainly have so much to cope with. Do you have anyone who could help you out or at least to open up to face to face? With so many things happening to you perhaps a chat with your GP would be a good idea. Some antidepressants would help you, perhaps take the edge of your troubles. I do wish you all the best and that your situation improves greatly very soon. Warm regards and hugs Carole

  • I am sorry you and your husband are having a bad time of it, I think Annie has given you very good advice. Do ring the Ovacome nurse and also check to see if there is a support centre for Cancer near you, I would certainly think that with what you have been through, you will find it beneficial. You are going through a lot and you have to be kind to yourself, Perhaps there are also local supports such as homehelp etc to share the caring. Thinking of you

  • What a tough time Jean. Will say a little prayer for you and hope better times are around the corner for you.

    Sending you a virtual hug.

    Sandra x

  • So sorry jean that you are going through such a horrible tough time nig hugs to you xx

  • Jean I'm so so sorry for what you are going through . I do hope that there will be a better out come for you . Don't loose hope .. Big hug for you . Suela

  • Dear Jean

    So sorry you are having such a rough time it's hard to imagine how your coping but you must have strong inner strength hoping things start improving and you can get a more suitable treatment and your husband also starts to make a good recovery

    Sending lots of virtual hugs x

  • Oh Jean, what a horrible year to be going through. My deepest condolences on the loss of your mam. This all seems so unfair. I hope you can get some good support from the Ovacome nurses or from your local cancer support centre. My key worker and counsellor have been a huge source of comfort and help to me -- I hope you can find the same. Will be keeping you in my thoughts. All the best for you and your husband.

    Kerry xx

  • Oh dear Jean, you have had an awful start to 2016 and it's totally understandable how down you feel. Sometimes I really don't know how we cope. But somehow we do. Really sad about your mum, I still miss mine and she died 15 years ago. My husband has had a stoma since his bowel cancer 2 years ago and was about to have it reversed when desease in liver was diagnosed. He needed another op and more chemo but is now all clear due for reversal on Tuesday! I have just started 3Rd line Carbo/Caelyx and feel polaxed at the moment but I still have HOPE.

    Things are really bad for you I know but hang on to hope. I really really hope Monday brings a plan for you (which will make all the difference in the world) and things will start to take a turn for the better.

    Stay strong. We are here for you. 💜 Sending massive hugs.

    Much love.

    MB xxx

  • Oh dear! Life just isn't fair. Somehow you will cope with friends and family helping plus I hope from the medical profession as well. Mums are so important to us,mine died 13 years ago and I still miss her. Sending you lots of love and best wishes that life will get easier for you x

  • Dear Jean, I was so sorry to read your message. My heart goes out to you, for your mum, and your poor husband is having a terrible time. But so are you, and do remember that. I, too, am on Carboplatin, 3rd line, after having an allergic reaction to Taxol, and my oncologist always comes up with something else to try. We tried Caelyx, but I was allergic to that, too! A bit unlucky, really! But I have faith in my oncologist, that he will come up with another idea, and I'm sure that yours will, too. Sending a big hug, Eileen xxx

  • Sorry to hear what a bad time you've been having. I hope you get some answers on Monday. Hugs xx

  • Hi Jean,

    So sorry to read your post, having been in a similar situation recently i can fully understand how you feel. Not knowing who to care for/worry about/grieve for first, yourself, hubby or your Mam.

    I do hope that things improve day by day. xx

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