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Still having symptoms!!

I visited my doctor at the end of June and listed all my symptoms - lower abdominal pain, tiredness, bloating, loss of appetite, nausea. They tested me for thyroid, liver, kidneys, suggested it could be IBS or water infection. Sent me away with gavascon and paracetamol - 2 weeks later all test came back clear . No further investigation required. The symptoms have persisted but now I also have really bad lower back ache. So went back to my GP. Dome all my bloods again, urine sample and took a swab after an internal examination. She said I had a 'bulky womb' ?? ( not sure what this is) and has referred me to a gynocologist and ultra sound. She said it could be endrometreitous or a cyst. I am worried about my appionent and just wondered if there are any important questions that I need to ask or point out?? Would appreciate some advise as I'm not the best in these situations and always forget to ask questions or am unsure of the right questions to ask xxx

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Oh how I sympathise. You've been passed from pillar to post for too long - and IBS doesn't start in the 50s and 60s so no GP should be grasping at that straw.

I was referred for an ultrasound and on the basis of evidence from that I was referred to a gynaecologist. The ultrasound is easy enough - just like women have when they're pregnant. When I saw the gynaecologist I didn't really ask any questions. Just answered his to try to help him get to the root of the problem. I think the questions will come to you once you have some idea of what they think it is. At that stage it might be worth taking someone with you, writing down questions on a piece of paper and ticking them off when they've been answered. If there's anything untoward you should be assigned a key worker and they're great to fill in memory gaps after consultations are over.

Poor you. Sending loads of love and sympathy. Let's hope it's all sorted soon and it turns out to be nothing to worry about.

xx Annie


Thank you x my last appointment with my GP 2 weeks ago and my ultrasound and referral is for the 7th October, I know it's not a long time but feels forever away!


Ask for a CA125 blood test and an ultra sound scan to rule out ovarian or womb cancer and any other tests the GP thinks appropriate. Good luck remember these cancers are relatively rare and its something easily treatable so try not to worry they just need to be precautionary.


I have everything crossed for you for a good outcome. Just to mention that the CA125 blood test can give false raised results and that, as in my case, a negative result doesn't mean you don't have cancer.

Kat xx

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In Feb 13 when I first presented to my GP she said I has a bulky womb, sent me straight to A&E but I was seen by a Jr Dr and it was misses. It was another 3 months of being treated for IBS before I was seen by a cons gynaecologist on a private basis before it was found. He was the first one to carry out a CA125 blood test for me. Has your GP carried this out for you, if not, why not - you need to ask. I do wish you well and hope that everything is OK. Don't be afraid to insist, you know your body better than anyone else. I think there is a symptom tracker on the ovacome website, print it off, complete it and present it to your GP. Make a copy and take along to your consultation with the consultant too. Let us know how you get on. Ann x


I have been referred to a gyneocologist and have an ultrasound booked both for the 7th October. I will print off the checker and take it with me. I know the term a ' bulky womb' can be linked to a number of factors so hopefully it is one of them. It the pain in my lower back that's the problem, feels like when I was in labour! Thanks for the kind words and advice. Will let you know the outcome xx


Are you having problems with your bowels? I know my back gets really sore if I am even a little bit constipated. Dulcolax is a very good laxitive but ensure that you tell them this if you are. Good luck for 7th. Ann xo


I do get constipated and have taken laxatives but really don't like the effect. For the past two days I have had pain down my left leg so bad it's made me cry, it feels like a trapped nerve, which is what I'm inclined to think is the problem - maybe all the other pains are linked to this same trapped nerve?? X


The pain from sciatica is painful and goes down the leg, sometimes into the foot. It doesn't cause bloating though. Please take care. Ann xo


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