2 Year anniversary still NED!

2 years ago I was diagnosed with Stage1a OC CCC. Following a full hysterectomy, 6 rounds of chemo (Carbon Platinum). Had a slow recovery from Chemo as bone marrow took a while to get back to normal. Probably returned to work a little to soon (10 months off). I then crazily moved house, took on a complete house refurbishment (Victorian terrace). Think the stress of the refurb was worse than my illness! Another 9 months of hell. Now sitting here enjoying a coffee and being thankful. i think last 2 years have been an unplanned adventure. Looking forward this year needs to be about losing the extra weight and getting back to healthy lifestyle!

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  • Always good to hear good news! Well done! :)

  • Hello Bettyhill!

    I too was diagnosed with stage 1A OC in August of 2015. Sitting here now on 4th cycle carbo/Paclitaxel and only 2 more to go! So happy to hear that you are 2 years NED and I very much hope in 2 years time I will be posting the same positive news!!! Thanks for posting!!!


  • Always good to hear good news, stay well,

  • Well done Bettygirl, I too have done up 2 buy to let's and am about to start another one,I think it's best to keep busy,I think losing weight is the biggest battle and plan to lose a stone before my next check up, once I get over this cold!

    Long may your health continue xx

  • Congratulations ! Thanks for sharing the good news ,

  • So pleased things are going well for you. I send a hearty congrats. Love Carol xx

  • I too think losing weight is a big challenge. I'm full of good intentions but never seem to get very far.


  • So happy for you Betty and I know what you mean with weight problems. It is bad enough dealing with this but when you find out you gain rather than lose weight it seems even more unfair. Does anyone know if weight gain is a particular feature of having either OC or PPC and why does it happen ? Or am I just raiding the cookie jar too often ! Filled with good intentions I bought a NutriBullet two weeks ago. I opened up the instructions and recipe book to find a warning from the manufacturers to check with my doctor before I used any of the recipes if I was on Blood pressure, blood thinners or cholestorel tablets . Guess what. I am on all three. I won't give up though. I am sure I can use other recipes. Take care Betty and onwards and upwards


  • Well done Betty I was 1c ovarian and 3a womb I am now 9 years NED and although I have PRD I enjoy my life. Here's to many more.


  • Great news - really inspiring to hear while I'm still plodding through chemo & wanting to give up! Does CCC mean clear cell carcinoma? I have stage 1c3 clear cell. xxx

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