Holiday Advice??

Hey All!,

So if all goes according to plan I will be finished my Chemo on the 30 March! Do you guys think it's realistic to plan a holiday for about 3 weeks to a month later?? A rest and relaxation holiday just for a week I am thinking Malta? Travel is my very favourite thing and I didn't get a holiday last year because of OC so I really really need the break! I normally do very active hols and am planning one of them in Nov but don't want to wait that long just for a break! Does anyone have any thoughts? ?

PS: so far I have been tolerating the Chemo fairly well and should be ok but I know the effects are cumulative so wonder about what I might be like after last treatment! !!

PPS: I am so very glad to have found this forum it's been so incredibly helpful and I want to thank all you lovely brave courageous ladies for sharing your boundless wisdom! !!!

Onwards and Upwards!!!


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  • I travelled after my Chemo was fnished within 2 weeks and was fine.

    If you are relaxing and have everything you need to be comfortable, I would do it if I were you :)

    Let us know how you get on.

    Wishing you the very best,



  • Thanks Trish! I think I just needed a little bit of reassurance so fingers crossed I will be getting on a plane in the not too distant future!!!


  • Yay you, you go girl xx

  • I would imagine if you feel as I did 3-4weeks after yr last Chemo then Id say go for it , book that relaxing holiday, itll be the tonic you need. I was back at work full time after 6 weeks after Id finished all 3 rounds of chemo (after first diagnosis and 2 recurrences) so I would imagine you will be well enough to take that break. You go girl! lol. Onwards and Upwards indeed!

  • Thanks a million Katmal and congrats on your continued remission too.....your story gives us all lots of hope and long may your remission last!!!

    I am sitting here now trawling the Internet for a good package deal to Malta!! Happy Days!!!


  • Hi D, I have to agree with the other replies, go for it. bring your hand gel and wipes and paracetamol and immodium. Malta is really nice, I have been there pre chemo. Both times I stayed in Sliema. You can get a bus from there to Valetta. Also you should plan a trip to Gozo and Medina. No before you ask, I am not related to a travel agent I think every one should take a post chemo holiday where possible. I went to Malaga in Sept while on Avastin and got on okay. I did have to use the immodium but that was a small thing. Rest and relaxation is good for you. Make sure your E11 is up to date.

  • I went to Malta for my honeymoon, we stayed at Mellieha Bay, the beach was lovely, town a bit quiet for us, and the taxi fare changed every day even to the same place with the same driver lol


  • Thanks Lily Anne! I have settled on Malta and think it will be Sliema as (and I know this is very shallow of me) but apparently it has great shopping!!! Its not far from Valetta and there are lots of restaurants for lots of lovely food!!!

    I am so glad that I posted my question as all of the positive replies have made me very excited to be planning something so nice in the not too distant future!

    Hope you are well otherwise! Just recently I have been reading your blog and you have really been through the wars fair play to you for being so positive!

    Onwards and Upwards!!!! :)


  • Thanks Joan!

    It's funny but Sliema is exactly where I am looking what hotel did you stay in? I am also planning a trip to Valetta and Gozo so great minds and all that! When I saw your reply I immediately went online and applied for up to date E11 so that's sorted now too! As I said in my original post lots of wisdom on this forum!!!!

    Thanks again!


  • I can remember the Hotel off hand, it was a quiet one though along the Sliema promenade. The hotel must have been okay because I went first with my daughter and the second time with my hubby to the same hotel. There are lovely walks around there, not a lot of beach mind you, You can walk over to St Julians for the shopping and if you are like me, you will be delighted to find a Mc Donalds. I will google later and see if I can remember the name of the hotel. You are going at a nice time of year and it wont be so hot and uncomfortable.

  • Totally! I'm with you on the travel thing so go for it. I booked my post chemo travel fix while in the middle of the treatment too - always good to have something to look forward to on the rubbish days. By the end of your chemo resting and relaxing will be the very prescription you need for the fatigue as well as some sun for the vitamin D!

    Beth x

  • I went to Majorca for a 10 day break when my chemo finished. Just relaxing in the sunshine. Felt so good. Felt better everyday. But did get assistence at Palma airport as wasnt fit enough to do all the walking. Its a big airport. You go, enjoy and heal. Xxx

  • I think it's a wonderful idea. I went last month, 12 days after my 3rd chemo to get some sun pre-surgery (had last week). I went to Tenerife because of others in the forum, and my oncologist, thinking it was the best for sun at that time of year whilst still in Eurooe for the free health and has a really good hospital and lots if daily flights. Others suggested Spain but we really wanted sun, which we got. You may need to check out the Malta hospital, as a precaution?

    I had an amazing time! Was extremely well and we left OVC at home and holidayed liked any other time, swimming in the cold salt water pool, drinking cocktails, walking, reading and generally chill axing. Fab! So I see no reason why you shouldn't go away, but do get insurance. If you follow me you can see all the answers I had from the lovely people on this forum about insurance.

    A few tips on keeping the bugs away whilst travelling: use First Defence just before getting in the plane; put Vaseline under your nostrils when flying. Both of these should prevent any viral infections in the air system getting you! Also, take your own hang gel. If you do sit next to someone who is obviously ill, swop seats with your partner! Or move to any fre seats available! Apart from that, live as 'normal' and enjoy every moment!

    Well done for reaching the end of chemo. I wish you good health, sunshine and happy times ahead.

    I am pleased to be in recovery from my very radical surgery and when well enough I have 3 more chemo's, but like you I've tolerated those so far reasonably well and am already planning a holiday for May.

    Best wishes🛫

  • Hello. I am having this dilemma too. I like all the advice and would go for it. I want to go somewhere hot as soon as possible, thinking of over Easter, I want to go away spring bank week and summer holidays - maybe longhaul. I had to cancel a holiday to Italy last year due to treatment and I don't want to have to do the same again. I still have spots left on the peritoneum which I have been told will become active again, they just don't know when, so am thinking that I want to ensure that my onc says everything is stable before I book a holiday and think I will be booking last minute holidays from now on. I am also a bit paranoid, particularly if I did long haul about DVT risk, cancer increases this risk, it may just be a case of wearing stockings, I plan to speak to my onc about it. Thinking of California in the summer, I just hope and pray that the cancer stays away so that I can enjoy some holidays. What are people's thoughts on long haul?

    I will probably include in my criteria for booking holidays from now on, how good and easy it is to access local healthcare in the case of an emergency.

    So if anyone sees a woman sporting chemo haircut and lovely compression stockings pacing up and down the plane, with Vaseline under their nose then that will probably be me.

    So who can recommend a good cheap holiday insurance company?

  • Hello, there is some useful information on the website regarding prevention of DVT on long haul flights for cancer patients, amongst others.

    I have been doing some research on insurance for long haul travel, in particular to Australia. I have had only two chemo sessions and yet to have my operation, so cannot get a quote yet. It is my understanding from what I've read that insurance cover for the US would be prohibitively expensive because of the high medical costs in the States. However, my research is still in its early days, so I could be wrong.

    I am also looking at going to Gozo but in September. What a co-incidence. This is partly because my other half is Maltese and I have never been. I may be looking at something too ambitious as we are looking at hiking & cycling for a week, accompanied by my sister from Australia. Not had operation yet so don't know what's feasible but tolerating chemo exceedingly well.

    Il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb Hogwarts! (Bon voyage!)


  • Brilliant thank you I will look into that.

  • Go, go, go and enjoy some warm sunshine. xx

  • Have a fab time. Remember lots of sunscreen. Post chemo skin easily burns.

    Sandra x

  • Terrific idea, you should be fine! Just check your insurance is happy with it, they should be :)

  • Hi i am in spain. I have E111. I couldn't get insurance. I know i can fly home quickly.

    Just be comfortable with your choice of destination.

    All the best.

  • I went on a cruise up the coast of Norway a few weeks after finishing 2nd line chemo last year, still with tumours which had got smaller but not disappeared. But my onc was happy for me to go, said she advised to go while I had the chance & wasn't on any cancer treatment. Insurance was expensive. I was told it would have been easier & cheaper to get insurance if I had been staying on land instead of cruising.


  • Hey All!

    Thanks for all the great advice! I was just on to my travel insurance and I am covered for preexisting conditions as I also have a Health Insurance policy from the same company so the two together will cover me! Happy Days!!! Also have E11 and checked and Malta have the 5th Best health system in the world so picked the right place I think!!!!!

    Malta here I come!!! :):):):):):)


  • Probably not going to help you at all, but I'm planning on holiday abroad mid chemo!

    After my second cycle my family and I ARE going on holiday to Lanzarote. Oncologist is supporting me in that and has timed the chemo so that I'm on a 'good' week. As long as know where the hospital is and prepared to take some just in case medicines with me, she is happy.

    Would point out that we do have insurance through husbands work for preexisting conditions, as long as I'm not going abroad specifically for treatment. Plus lots of flights home if required.

    Enjoy your planned break

    Dawn xx

  • Thanks Dawn I hope you enjoy your break too! Fair play to you heading off during Chemo but in fairness I think its doable if you are on your good week! The timing was just right for me to go at the end of the process! I am planning a long haul later in the year to Thailand to learn how to cook Thai my favorite food!!!! I think that Chemo makes you feel so yukky that you appreciate the good week all the more! I am on my good week this week and enjoying every minute!!!

    Bon Voyage!!!


  • I was told leave three clear weeks so you don't pick anything up, be sensible with food, avoid ice, salad etc and go away and enjoy.

    I have a holiday booked for 24th April which I have to cancel thanks to chemo, moving it to September but only because don't want to go anywhere in school holidays, had my time of doing that, youngest now 17 and seriously not wanting to join us lol.

    Have a fab time

    LA xx

  • Go. You will just be in time for the wild flowers. Take a walk along the cliffs on the southern shore where they are wonderful and look for the tiny native iris on the rocks. There are not many beaches but you can get in off the rocks. chilly water though.. Find the prehistoric sites including the amazing unexplained ruts. These were a highlight for me

  • Sounds a great idea, enjoy your break and rest xx

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