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Holiday Heaven!

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Hello All!

Hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to check back in after coming home from an amazing holiday in Thailand! Lots of rest, relaxation and Vit D for the auld bones! Would highly recommend Thailand it's a beautiful country and the people are just incredibly nice! It's such a calm place and do you know there may actually have been a few days where I completely forgot that this time last year I was in the middle of a tornadoe of tests and surgeries!!!!

I thought of you all often and hoped you were all well! Yet again I realised how lucky I was and am to be a part of this very special community and again I am so grateful to you all for being there for me for the last year!!!

I got a new nephew while I was away too and a new cousin so my cup runneth over at the minute....long may it last!

Little pic of me at an Elephant sanctuary in Chaing Mai where we helped wash a 70 year old Elephant and it was a pleasure and privilege!!

Life is great and I am sending you all a great big virtual bear hug and hoping that whatever point you are at on this crazy journey that tomorrow will be a better day!

Love to all!


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Wow! You've clearly had a fantastic time...lesson for us all!

xx L

Amazing. You sound like you had such a great time. I'm so jealous right now. Don't know if I have it in me for a holiday that far away yet. I have booked center parcs for a weekend so small steps as they say. So glad you had such a wonderful time. Well deserved for such a wonderful person. Xx

Looks like you a great time. I'm happy for you.

Before I found out about my recurrence I bought flights tickets to Greece for August 2017. So the plan is to fight cancer and go on holidays soon! Which I wish you all!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜š

Janetta x

I like the sound of that plan Janetta!

Hope you are feeling bit better!


Welcome back to the fold, I am glad you had one fantastic holiday. You seem to have thoroughly enjoyed it and that is how it should be. So now time to get winter woollies out due to the cold weather,


Hi D what a fab photo and I'm so pleased you've had a restful, peaceful and great time, it's what you needed after a very tough time.

Glad you are now having some good news to with the new additions to your family, enjoy the good times.

Big hugs to you to



Omg D, fair play to you. You are becoming a real jet setter!! I am so glad you had a great trip to Thailand, you really deserve it. I hope you are wrapped up warm..

Take care



That's fab, so happy for you and gives us all hope! My worry is getting travel insurance! We love America but dread to think what insurance cover I would get! x

in reply to triplets

It's a difficult one alright triplets! I was very lucky in one sense as I had a multitrip policy with the same company as my health insurance and as I had both with the same company I was fully covered for preexisting conditions so didn't have any worries for health insurance! We, as in Europeans, are covered with the E11 card anywhere in the EU but the US is a different animal altogether!!!! I love the US too and an hoping to get there again next year! I hope you get there too it should be interesting to see if anything changes with the new President!!!!


Lovely xxx

Wow what an amazing trip. I went for my honeymoon in 1989. Best holiday I've ever had. I wanted to go this Christmas but didn't know if the jabs I would need would react with avastin so it's on hold till about May time. So 5 days in New York just before Xmas instead. Credit card getting a hammering but it's sonething I need to do for a while. Now you are back in hope you keep reliving it with your amazing pics. xx

Welcome home D. Your trip sounds amazing and what a wonderful experience with the elephants. I feel happy just looking at your photo. I think it's moments like this that help get us through the Drs and hospitals. So I'll add it to my wish list (I've recently pinned sitting with gorillas on the list too)! Love, T. X

Wow! It sounds like you had a brilliant time. Love the spirit with which you are embracing life๐Ÿ˜

Yosh xxx

Wow! What an amazing holiday. I hope the elephant enjoyed his bath. Welcome back. Helen.

That photo looks amazing! I have booked a week in Sicely for May 2017, hoping I will be fit enough!! started taking Reumex, hopefully it will ease my joint pains. So pleased you had a great time D.


Great to see you have had an amazing time D, picture is amazing.

Ellsey xx


It looks fab!!, So glad you had a lovely time, I'ts good to get away and not think about what we have to face at home. I am off to Uk. (in between hospital visits for Avastin) to see my sons and grandchildren. I bet your already thinking where to go for your next trip!! Thank you for being here on this site, love hearing from you. Jeanette xxxx

What a wonderful photo, I imagine that was quite an amazing experience in a wonderful holiday. Maybe hubby and I should renew our passports even its its just for me to drive us in France!!

Clare ๐Ÿš—๐Ÿš—๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

D you look so glam, even in water. What a wonderful experience to have at the sanctuary. Welcome back. I've just booked our first ever trip to the US and need to wait for results of scan before I get travel insurance. Gulp. Still I'm sure having stuff to look forward to is like a medicine.

Enjoy looking at your new family and holiday pictures!


Hi D ,it looks as if you had a terrific holiday and looks like an experience of a life time. Welcome home to cold cold Irelandโ„โ„โ„โ„Kittie

Amazing photo Hun & so so pleased you had a fab time with more happy news whilst you were away via the new editions to the family. Long may the positive vibes verborate on & the vit D in the bones do you good xx

Wow! I was just thinking, my mom should take a break from the chemo to take a trip somewhere. You've just confirmed it for me. Thanks for posting this amazing photo.

Sounds an absolutely lovely place to take your very well deserved holiday in. Thank you for sharing it. I'm sure it will buck so many people up to know that such things are possible after chemo. As I always say, " There's more to life than cancer"

Love, Solange ๐Ÿ˜Š

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