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Onc visit

Been to see the onc today.when my daughter in law and I walked in she said iv had a really good idea about what to do next.she said she wasn't sure what to do after the calyx and the awful allergic reaction I skin is in a terrible state I'm embarrassed for people to see it.i diverse she said she was going to try myocet.she said it isn't used for ovarian cancer but breast cancer but it was the same family as the Caylex and as my ca125 was coming down with the calyx then it was a good option.while we were there the pharmacist phoned he didn't seem to have her confidence.she came off the phone saying she would talk to her colleagues outside of our health board.she also said I would have to sign something so that if any harm cake to me I was really not sure what the best thing to do I have it knowing there is a higher risk of something going wrong or tell myself there is a risk with all of them.your thoughts and advice would be gratefully received.regards Carolyn x

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Although I'm a believer in fighting, sometimes the body may step in, but challenging it as a guinea pig wouldn't cut the mustard for me. Maybe give your body a chance to fight the cancer instead of using all it's resources to fight the chemo?

LA xx


This does not strike me as the best thought out treatment plan ever. Perhaps it was not the kindest thing for her to share this "idea" with you until she had looked into it. All she has done is cause you unnecessary stress.It also sounds as if it may come to nothing once she has spoken to other colleagues.

Understandably you are worried but you cannot possibly decide what to do at this point. I would therefore be tempted to leave her to it for now and wait to hear from her. If it is still on the cards I would ask for detailed information about what she is proposing and also ask for a second opinion. Without this I would not feel able to make an informed decision.

All the very best.


I find myself thinking along the same lines and let her think it out properly. Do you feel able talking it over with your GP about asking for a second opinion? The other thing is to ring the Nurse helpline at Ovacome.

Your GP may also be able to help you with the skin problem?

Hope the day is better. L x

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agree completely with other comments. you need to be provided your options, with pros/cons for each.

and if this drug is in the same fanmily as caelyx why would she not expect a similar negative reaction??

she sounds well meaning but not, perhaps, too sound/through in her reasoning.

am so sorry you're having this reaction. you need informed guidance, not jolly happy talk thinking....


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