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Happy Christmas everyone

It is a mixed time of year for us, isn't it? I am grateful that despite being 'terminal, life limited' on diagnosis I have survived to another Christmas. I am having chemotherapy for metasteses in the liver, the first ones were in the lungs. There is shrinkage so the chemo is working even if it is knocking me out. So congratulations to all of us who have a bit more mileage in us.

At the same time I grieve for all those that we hear about on here that will not make this Christmas. In this cancer lottery you just never know when it is your time, do you? My heart goes out to the family and friends who will have empty chairs at Christmas.

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I’m pleased your treatment is having a positive effect on your cancer, well done you. Enjoy this Christmas lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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Hi there ... I’m so glad your treatment is being effective.

This is such a difficult illness to deal with that I feel not many people can really understand it without having been affected by it. And, as you say, there are family and friends having to cope with their losses. My sister, though, who lost her beautiful husband recently, and in the spring, says that there is no good time to lose a loved one and that the time of year is irrelevant because the loss takes over any sense of time. I think that’s what she was saying. It’s so life changing and overwhelming. And, as you say, no matter when the loss occurs, there is always a time when such a loss in even more hard to deal with.

There has been great sadness and heavy hearts here this week, including my own. My thoughts have been very much focused on that.

I was reading lately about a mother who was convinced she’d survive cancer even though she was told that she had weeks or, at best, months. That was her way of coping.

I have a similar way in that I believe there is a cure out there and that scientists are on the very cusp of new treatments for all cancers. I don’t think this is all pie in the sky. There are new treatments which are less toxic and are giving great hope. People have gone into remission and stayed in remission. I mean over the past few years, people on clinical trials are still alive and living healthy lives seemingly cancer free. That’s what I believe is what will happen very soon for us.

I so hope so.

Sending love to you and all friends here.


Sue xx


I agree with you hope is so important and they are discovering new treatments all the time. Hope is a good theme for Christmas and New Year too. Hope yours is special.


Seasons Greetings. It's the time of the year when feelings somehow seem magnified and like you my thoughts are with those that aren't going to see this Christmas and your correct when you say it's a lottery, life certainly is so we have to ensure we make the most of whatever time we have, who knows what's in store for us, any of us, whether we have a life limiting disease or not. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by love. xx


Great the treatment is working. Think we have to make the best of what we have. We will see sad posts and feel down. But yes there are good times to cherish as well


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