Happy Belated New Year

This is now my fourth year on ovacome and I am sad to read about the passing away of familiar names.

A couple of months ago I moved up to East Lancashire I love it up here the landscape is striking. I have also decided to move my care over here as well and at my last appointment at The Christie I asked them to refer me to a local consultant. I have had a copy of the referral.

Just a bit of a recap I finished second line treatment this time last year but my CA125 has been slowly rising since then but I have been feeling well and doing lots of lovely things. I had a CT scan at the beginning of December which showed some minor changes on the omentum or what remains of it. My latest CA125 is now 1095 and over the Christmas period I have been getting some familiar symptoms but I am reluctant to start treatment because of the impact on my quality of life.

My original tumour was tested for progesterone and estrogen receptors and has a lot so my next treatment option is likely to be letrazole. I have read that exercise can help with some of the side effects so I hope to keep running although now it is more plodding through treatment. I would really like to get my 100 Parkrun t shirt this year I am due to do number 70 this morning.

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  • I hope you enjoy your new home for many , many years. We had a cottage in the west of Lancashire and spent a lot of time driving round the county and were bowled over by the beautiful landscape. It would certainly seem a beautiful place to run in. Good luck with no.70 and very best wishes for the New Year.


    Anne xx

  • Your new home area sounds lovely :) Best of luck with the new treatment when you decide to start it xx


  • Thank you both East Lancashire is a tad hillier than West Lancashire. I am living in the Borough of Pendle and not too far from the forest of Bowland.

    I did complete number 70 it took me 49 minutes and I was last to finish but mostly because the woman behind me dropped out

  • Your move sounds great. Which hospital will you go to now? Well done for all those park runs. I am having a rest from running at moment as my hip and knee have been giving me problems but I still hope to do the race for life again this year. Like you my CA 125 had been rising and i'm putting off treatment as long as I can. I've got a scan next week and seeing doctor on 20th. Apart from a rotten cold I've xmas I've been really well. Enjoy your new home. Sorry I won't see you at Christies.

    Love Francesca x

  • I have been referred to Burnley but the oncologist comes from the Rosemere Centre based at the Royal Preston

  • Hope you get that T-shirt! I used to live in Lancashire over 20 years ago now but I loved it there. I lived nin as little village just outside Lytham St Annes. The people were so friendly it reminded me of home (NI). All the best. Ann xo

  • Anywhere near Freckleton?

  • Yes, Warton. Just along the road.

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