Noisy Christmas

This Christmas for the first time in many years, I was with all my five children (ages 21-40) and Grandson (11) in my son's small, crowded house. I was tired and went to bed early and all I could hear as I was lying in bed was very loud laughter and animated conversation coming from the lounge below the little bedroom I was in. My daughter came up to ask me if they were being too loud. 'No', I said, 'I love to hear all the noise and laughter.' At one time I would have asked them to be quieter, but not now. It was just the most precious thing of all of Christmas. My five children, the very best of friends, always supportive of each other and my grandson with all his uncles and auntie to care for him all laughing together. Yes, the house was overcrowded, Grandson sleeping on cushions on the floor, my daughter in a sleeping bag on one end of the sofa, my eldest son in a sleeping bag on the other, my other two sons in the bedrooms. Yes there was barely room to walk, especially with my very large golden retriever also asleep amongst the presents, but it was wonderful. I'd always hoped that my family would remain close and supportive of each other and they are. I know for sure that whatever the future might hold for me, my children will always be there for each other. I could wish for nothing more.

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  • Think it's wonderful that your family is so close , one thing cancer teaches us is how important people are, fabrastuc you are able to enjoy the moment,

  • Wow what a wonderful Christmas. Who needs presents etc . The sound of childrens laughter, regardless of age. The wonderful feeling ot togetherness. Family.... just wonderful :)

  • What a lovely Christmas, you all had 😀 To have all your family together laughing and being their for you, was the only Christmas present you needed. Hope you're able to have more get togethers soon in the new year, planning a little get together lightens the spirit and helps us get through the difficult days.

  • Thanks for telling us about your Christmas. I find it so important to have good times to remember and to look forward to. We can't manage to all be together now I have 5 grandchildren except when we rent a big holiday house or go to a youth hostel. The latter worked well in Whitby this year in October as they have a big family room and the teenagers loved the spooky vampire atmosphere and the 6 year old adores the donkeys.

  • Lovely Phia, what a joy.

    Hope all goes well in 2016. Lesley

  • What a wonderful Christmas. You've done a great job as a mother to raise a family like that. It made me smile to read this. All the best for 2016. Vxxx

  • You had the best Christmas ever, it sounds magical, children and grandchildren and your loyal dog all happy out, that is the way families should be. I had my son partner and grandchild but hubby and I had to do most of the cooking, It can be tiring but then again the house would be so empty other wise,

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