Well ladies have just crawled into bed after a manic day with five grandchildren and packing up house with my daughter who moves in two weeks only three of the children were hers lol the other two my sons who I was minding for the day while mum and dad at work

Whilst although am aching all over and exhausted have never felt so good mad I sent it

This time last year was stuck in bed after surgery feeling rubbish

But just to be off chemo and getting back to normal hectic day to day life with my grandchildren and feeling useful once more is fantastic long may it continue

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  • Lovely! Glad you are feeling great.

  • That sounds Heavenly to me. I hope it was sunny. Xx

  • With you there babsclunn. Enjoy your returned energy, and do rest when you can xxx

  • How lovely! Brought a smile to my face. Long may it continue 😀.

  • That sounds wonderful! And kids never creep around you with 'that' face either. What a great tonic! xx

  • Hi babsclum, I know that feeling well. So glad you are enjoying helping out your family again and looking after grandchildren is exhaustion g but so rewarding. Long my it continue. Ann xo

  • How wonderful babsclunn... there is nothing better than being with the grandkids...exhausting but always uplifting!!!! I wish you continued health and many exhausting days with them!!

  • What a super, uplifting message. I know just how you feel, to be busy and happily useful amongst your loved ones, even if exhausted. Long may it continue - for both of us!! Thank you for sharing with us. Take heart those of you feeling as Babs did this time last year.

    Love, Solange. :-)

  • Delightful! I'm also a year post-op, and am also doing stuff, again. Work, rather than family, but with the same sense of feeling good to be back out in the world :)

  • Oh Yes Yes! I finished second line chemo in December and decided to have a good time this summer. So far a week in Corsica with grandchildren, lovely beaches. A week in North Cornwall with my sister, cliff top walks and more beaches. A week in Brittany with my gene pool, all 19 of us, surfing, riding, walking, tennis (me watching - I'm 79) A week's summer course in creative writing and now checking out Christmas. i have not only had a wonderful summer but I have given my family happy memories for their lifetime. For those out there having hell with chemo - I remember how that felt and how I couldn't imagine life ever being pain free or happy again - hang in there. Just hang in as best you can. We are with you.


  • Lovely post, great to hear xxx

  • Sounds a lovely day x

  • Lovely Babs You give hope to all of us that there is a life after Cancer. Long may it continue for you and I am sure we all want to jump,on that bus back to normality. You go girl .


  • Can't beat having the Grandchildren - 3 of them are seeing a lot of nannie lately. Unfortunately the other 3 live in Ireland so I'm missing out on having them!

    It's good to feel 'normal'.

    Love to you all

    Annette xxx

  • Your message touched my heart! I am sort of in the same space. xxxxx

  • Good days like this make you know you're lucky , glad you had a grest day

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