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Update on Mum

Haven't posted here for a while but thought I'd give everyone an update on mum...diagnosed stage 3/4 (never told) in Oct 11; 6 x weekly chemo carbo/taxol but hospitalised from week 1 as it made her so ill; told in January that no more chemo as no point, too far spread etc and given c. 4 weeks - moved to hospice; faded fast and told in Feb that it was a matter of days; she slept for about 3 days and then seemed to "wake up" in late February, her hair all fell out but she seemed to be getting "better" although the peripheral neuropathy meant that she couldn't move from the chest down.

She gradually improved daily over the spring and early summer, so much so that she could get into a wheelchair and we could take her outside every day for a walk (her hair started coming back in and she even asked for her make up bag!). They put her on daily letrozole at the end of May.

The last few weeks though have seen things head downwards again - the ascites is back with a vengeance; she has become very depressed and fatigued.

Then on Friday morning, to add to my nightmare, Dad had a massive heart attack whilst driving to the hospice to see Mum. He is stable at the moment but still in intensive care as he has a chest drain in and has developed pneumonia and has broken ribs from the CPR.

He's distressed as he can't visit mum; I took advice from the hospice docs and told mum what had happened - she hasn't really communicated much since.

The hospice staff have been great but I think that they are trying to "protect" me at the moment as they can see how stressed I am running between hospice and hospital up to 5 times a day......I'm the only one near at hand. I feel that mum is very near the end but think that they are keeping it from me, in a way.

Anyway, sorry for the "rant"! Just felt like writing it all down!

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You're going thru' a really tough time. I am sorry. Your parents are lucky to have you, too often old people are left alone. My thoughts are with you.


Hi Jazzmum,

I am so sorry that you are having a terrible must be exhausted...and such a worry for you...I don't feel that your mum is that old either and like you said before your mum was fit and healthy and young for her age as well..I presume that your dad was the must feel so robbed..I wish there was something I could do or say to make it easier..thank you for updating us..which must be such a difficult thing to do...please keep us informed you are in my thoughts and prayers love x G x


Hi Jazzmum,

My heart goes out to you. You and your family are going through so much, it must be very difficult. My thoughts are with you. Amanda x


So sorry that you are going through such a difficult time, my thoughts and prayers are with you, I hope that recovery is speedy for both your parents, a big hug coming your way from me, Shabila x


My heart goes out to you my dear! What a gem you are! I am sure both your parents are aware of your devotion and appreciate you!

Love M xxxxxx


Hello Jazzmum

You must be exhausted. Do try to look after yourself a bit as well, your parents are in good hands.

Love Christine


Hi there Jazzmum .....

So very sorry to read this ...expect you do not know which way to turn at the moment ....

Christine is right ..try and look after you self ..not easy I do know ..

Love Jan xxx


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