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Long wait for scan results


I have been having a very stressful time of it, I had my scan, at the end of chemo, 18th July due to one thing and another I see my onc. on Monday for the results. He had to take his annual leave, you can imagine what my mind has done with this time, it has been hell. I have been breathless and panicky and felt like I was going to crack up. Too afraid to even post on here, I know you girls would have been supportive if only i could have posted love to you all Diane xxx

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Hi Diane

Poor thing , waiting for news is one of the worst things about this terrible illness. I know that medical staff deserve a home life and holidays and that without that they wouldn't be able to function , but this is a long wait for a result. Usually if a result requires immediate intervention another consultant would be in touch.

Still it's only 48 hours now , it will go quickly. Personally I find that keeping very busy , particularly doing physical things outdoors does wonders for keeping anxious thoughts ( which absolutely everybody gets ) at bay. Also treats and spending time with loved ones also helps alot.

Of course you are terrified , who wouldn't be , but try to be really nice and good and kind to yourself and Monday will be here before you know it.

Let us know how you get on.

Lots of love


Thank you Charlie xxx


Hi Diane,

I do feel for you.. It is a terrible thing waiting....and as you've recently been on chemo....you are probably too fatigued to do anything physical..for me I listened to music on my iPod or on YouTube..I found on "YouTube" I could listen and watch a video with lyrics..I like listening to "Blessings" by Laura Story a young woman who just after getting married her husband had a brain tumour he survived and she wrote the song when they were going through it.......and I can relate to the words......I also listened to her testimony on YouTube..and found it so encouraging...try and do things that you enjoy... It's not too long now to wait..my thoughts are with you and I will pray that God will give you His peace...lots of love x G x :-)


Hi Diane

How awul to have had to wait so long. I can so understand how you have felt/are feeling. I finished chemo (hopefully, for the time being anyway) and though that is so good in one way, I know that by the end of next week I shall be shaking in my shoes to hear my blood test results - what the CA125 is doing. Then I have a scan in September - that will be another tough time.

Like the others, I have tried to make a mental strategy list for when I feel panicky/cracking up at any moment it includes:

Telling someone how I feel

seeing/emailing/phoning someone whose company I enjoy

trying to memorize a poem or something striking or beautiful (try panicking and memorizing at the same time!!!)

using youtube to dig up old music that I had forgotten all about and revelling in Nostalgia

The unhelpful things that I try to stop myself doing are searching for survivor stories on the internet, knowing that I've probably found what there is to find

Sitting around thinking about "it".

It sometimes helps me to think that whatever the results are, they are by now, and then I try to focus on the here and now.

I hope that Monday comes quickly and the results will be good

Thinking of you, Monique

Dear Diane, I'm really sorry you've had such a long wait for the results and have been feeling so awful. Chemotherapy does seem to have the effect of bringing us down both physically and mentally. At least that is all over for now.

I'm so sorry we couldn't be of more comfort in the long weeks of waiting. I'm not sure I can add anything to Monique's list. If I feel wretched I just feel wretched and it seems nothing really does the trick to lift the spirits. That makes me feel worse as I argue to myself that I don't have long on this planet and should be making the most of everything I have right now. I have found the Olympic Games a distraction. Usually day time television is soooo boring. I think I should find some sort of quiet pastime such as embroidery, painting or crafting to distract me but they never seem to appeal as much as getting out and about in the fresh air and being active and this isn't always an option.

I'll be thinking of you Monday and keeping fingers and toes crossed that it's only good news.

xxx Annie

Thank you all very much, I know I don't have to suffer alone with your kindness and i can offer support too, it is a wonderful community Love to you all Diane xxx

Just want to wish you the very best of luck for tomorrow, Diane. What a nightmare it is - the waiting. There's not much more I can add to the other comments. I do hope your Onco is running true to time so you don't have to wait too long at the hospital.

With my fingers crossed for you , (Making it very hard to type!) Solange x

Thank you Solange, my appointment is 4.30 must be the last on the list! hopefully he won't be running late , lots of love Diane xxx


I will also be thinking of you and sending you lots of positive thoughts. I hope you got some sun at the weekend...wasn't the Olympics closing ceremony wonderful ???


Charlie xxx

Hi Diane,

Best of luck for today will be thinking of you.

Hope the sun's still shining for you raining here in Devon.

Love Marilyn x :)


Hoping all went well.. With your results love x G x :-)

Hi Diane

I've been away, so only just picked up on your latest developments. I do hope it went well today. Whatever, tell us how you are..........you should never be too scared to post on here, you're always among friends who understand.

Still keeping everything crossed for a good outcome

Love Wendy xx

hi diane,

i have just read ur mess....

i am so sorry that u have been thru hell like that, i know exactly how u feel, ( i was like that for the last two weeks, i tried everything and it does help for a while, but u still have that part in ur brain that wont stop thinking. like all the ladies said u just have to try and occupy ur mind..

i hope and pray that u will get good news

please let us know how u get on, this site is wonderful just to talk to others who understand how u feel makes u feel betta

good luck and best wishes


Thank you all for your support, my scan results were good and the Doc. says it is now inactive and that I should get on with doing the things I want to do while it lasts, I understand what he means I have a reprieve! :-) so i am very grateful and very tired. I was the last one in yesterday at 5.30 eventually he was running behind it was all very stressful but of course I am so relieved love Diane xxxx

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Hi Diane,

Good news I am so pleased for you..enjoy your life and make every second count..

Lots of love x G x 8-) 8-) 8-)

Hi Diane,

I am really pleased for you especially after the agonising wait you have had to get your scan results. You should take the consultant's advice & start doing all you want to do.

Enjoy this special time & make the most of each day!

Lots of love, Samixa X :-)

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