Christmas Greetings to All My Kindred Spirits

A little early I know! But before a really busy next week, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Ovacome and all you strong courageous ladies, for all the support and feedback which I have read over the past two years since I joined.

Although I do not post a great deal, I take great comfort from the knowledge and information I have found on this site.

Sad maybe to say, but Ovacome has been my prop, not my support nurse, not my oncologist, but Ovacome together with a wonderful and brave band of ladies, all fighting for survival and sometimes desperate for new life saving treatments.

At times,information on this site from others has put my mind at ease, and reassured me that individually we are all different, with a separate set of symptons and results, and more importantly that we shouldn't be written off as I was initially with a five year survival rate, but must continue to fight and stay strong.

Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year to you all

Much love Jackie O xxxxx.

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  • Many happy returns!

  • Hear! Hear! Thank goodness for this site and all you wonderful fellow travellers xxx

  • Oh, how I agree with you Jackie. I really feel that you are all my friends who understand what's its really like at every step in this journey. I too have taken great comfort from replies to posts and hope that I may have been of some use to others in their times of need.

    After seeing the Oncologist today, I may be back on the chemo roundabout in the near future, but until then, I would also like to wish everyone of you a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.

    Ali xx

  • I totally echo your comments. Wishing you every happiness and a wonderful Christmas. Xx

  • I also echo the same sentiments as everyone else, wishing you all a lovely Christmas, the people on here are just fantastic. The information and support is immense, it is nice to know that although most of us havent met we still watch out for each other. Best wishes to all.

  • Wishing you all a happy Christmas too. I'm on here because my Mum has OC so I feel a bit guilty in a way. But I have had so much reassurance and useful information from the posts on here and I'm so inspired by all of you. I have passed on a lot of useful information to Mum. Keep fighting!! Best wishes. Jane X

  • Happy Christmas to everyone! This forum has been a lifeline to me. I've learned so much from the comments and conversations and sometimes we've also had a laugh together which is good medicine.

    I had no idea before my diagnosis quite what the third sector offer. I've suggested to my local Patient Liaison Group that when they produce Welcome Packs for new patients at the cancer centre they customise the packs to specific cancer sites and include literature from relevant charities. It has been the ovarian cancer charities which have provided the best and latest information and news about ovarian cancer, treatments and trials. This has been really helpful to set a context for my own disease and treatment options and to keep it all in perspective.

    I think we're incredibly lucky in the UK to have such great support from the third sector. I get the impression it doesn't work like this in many other countries.

    Happy Christmas to all at Ovacome.


  • Well said Jackie. The support and information we get from this site and more importantly from each other is amazing.

    Happy Christmas to all


  • Happy Christmas Jackie0


  • Hope you have a lovely xmas Jackie. I too dont post often but do try and read the posts often. This site and these ladies were my life line when times were dark. So i understand your feelings.

    Love and hugs xx

  • My thoughts entirely Jackie. Merry Christmas everyone. Much love to you all. X x

  • Completely agree with you Jackie and couldn't have put it better myself. This forum and all the wonderful ladies have helped me through some very dark days and I can't thank you all enough. Merry Chrisrmas a a Happy Healthy New a year to you all and everyone at Ovacome as well xx

  • Well said Jackie. Have a lovely Christmas and a happy and healthy 2016. Ann x

  • Happy Christmas to one and all. And the best possible 2016. Vxxx

  • Hi Jackie, well said,

    and I echo all the lovely ladies replies and wish everyone a Happy Chrstmas and a healthy New Year. X

  • Yes well said Jackie. Here's hoping everybody's Christmas wishes come true.


  • Happy Christmas Jackie, here's to a happy healthy 2016

    LA xx

  • Happy Xmas to every one and a healthy Hew Year Pamx

  • Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and healthy 2016. I shall think of you all as I enjoy another Christmas! x

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