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whats next? - 4th round of chemo

Hi - my mum has already had 3 lots of chemo for her ovarian cancer - she has had carboplatin each time but had to take an enormous amount of steroids with her last chemo sessions - she was on Avastin too just wondering if anyone know what she will be given now - what else is there? got appt to see oncologist on Friday but serioously worried that weve reached the end of the line - don;t want to stress mum more but need to be realistic - the cancer is now in her bowel - if anyone has any thoughts I would welcome them please!

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Hi Babyoleg

I'm at about the same stage as your Mum and thinking along the same lines as you. There are all sorts of treatment options out there if your Mum wants to go ahead with them. I think the best person for her to talk to in the first place is her oncologist to hear what they have to say, and then she can decide what is best for her.

It's quite common for the tumours to spread to the bowel and that's manageable. My personal take on it all is that I need to consider my quality of life and not necessarily how long I live. Your mum may take a very different view.

It's wonderful you're providing such a support to your Mum. I think it is so tough for our close friends and family to have to go through all this. I know how much she will appreciate your support and love and the fact that your staying strong for her.

I hope the meetings with the oncologist are helpful and your Mum feels confident in whatever choices she makes.

xx Annie


Remember statistics are just that; there are no statistics for individuals. I truly hope something works for you - you have been tireless in campaigning against the iniquities of health care and you deserve a real break. You have helped so many, on this forum and in Wales. The cancer community needs you. Vx


Bless you V. There are so many women here sharing their knowledge, raising awareness of ovarian cancer, fundraising and doing such a lot to bring out disease to the public attention, hopefully to prevent it one day in the future.

I'm very touched by your thoughts. Campaigning has been my way of dealing with this rotten disease and I've been lucky I've felt so well most of the time.

I'm always fascinated by your insightful posts on medical news stories.

xx Annie


Thank you so much for replying - I come on this site a lot to read about other people;s experiences - it's such a horrid disease but it really helps to know people out there are willing to provide advice, help and suuport - thank you so much - will keep you posted as to what happens next and I wish you well with your own battle against this horrid disease xxx


Annie's advise is good, there are options for your mother to think about. I'd just add one point - that as a carer and daughter, you have a different perspective. I sometimes think that it's more difficult to be the carer than the patient. I hope Friday's consultation goes well. Vx

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Thank you so much x


Is your mum platinum sensitive or resistant? My mum's on her third line treatment, which isa really very horrible combination of drugs. When her onc put her on caelyx/carbo she said this was the best option because she is still platinum resistant, but after that there are still many more options including clinical trials. Google the clinical trials for OC, I couldn't believe how many potential options were open to us. It was really heartening and filled us with the confidence that we have many more memories to make!


she is platinum sensitive - and thank you for replying - will look at the options of clinical trials - wishing you and your mum all the best xxx


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