Update on Vertex trial after 8 cycles (24 weeks)

Just had scan after 8 cycles on the Vertex trial (a combination of Carboplatin chemo plus Vertex ATR inhibitor trial drug). Scan results shows overall disease is stable (not shrinking as on previous results). I am happy with stable as I am asymptomatic. I am now stopping the Carboplatin as they think any more would be too toxic for my system and continuing on the trial with an increased dose of the Vertex drug.

Had the first higher dose yesterday and so far no side effects which is good! I will hav another scan in 6 weeks time to see what is happening.

Best wishes to you all


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  • Stable and asymptomatic sounds good and you must be glad to get off the carboplatin. Hope things continue to go well ! xxx

  • It's good to hear your updates Sharon pleased that things are stable and you can carry on with the trial drug.

    Kris x

  • HI Sharon, I agree with the other ladies, stable is good, you will be happy to be rid of the Carboplatin. I gather you dont seem to have any great problem with the Vertex which is good so its just as well to stay on it, best wishes

  • Sounds good. Keep us posted. X x

  • Sounds good - thanks for keeping us posted. x

  • that's good Sharon, thanks for the update


  • Hello. I saw you only live about 18 miles from me. I live in Monks Eleigh near Lavenham. Lovis x

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