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Hi, i just wanted to let you know that Christinas funeral went as well as you could hope for today. Her family from Ireland and the USA together with friends and our daughters and grandchildren all helped to make the day special for her. We know that she would have enjoyed the day and the 'wake' that followed with everyone telling their own particular 'tale' about her.

When we organised the cremation we arranged to have some coloured helium balloons for the grandchildren and others to release after the service, we found that this immediately took everyones mind off of the service and focused it on children laughing and everyone, Priest included, watching the balloons disappear into the sky, most of them with written messages from the just lightened a sad day,.

I once again thank you for your messages and good wishes over what had become a very difficult time - they really were so appreciated.

Take care and god bless you all.


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Thank you for the update Laurence, it must have been a very hard day for you, but aren't children great? so pleased everything went well thinking of you.

best wishes love x G x


Thank you for posting. My thoughts remain with you and the family.


Zannah x


Dear Lawrence

It's very kind of you to post to let us know how the day went. I'm glad there were happy moments and lots of wonderful memories of Christina from the different family perspectives. This is a hard time for you and your daughters. It's good to have your family around at such a time.

I shall be thinking of you along with other husbands and families I've got to know on this site.

Sending warmest wishes.



I'm glad that you had some good moments in the sadness and I am sure Christina would have enjoyed those balloons, big hugs to you and your family x


Dear Lawrence, thank you for up-dating us. It is so thoughtful of you to do so on such a sad day. It sounds as if you gave to Christina all the love and special memories, mixed with the idea of the love of life going forward in your grandchildren......those balloons sound such a lovely idea.

My thoughts are with you and your family in the times ahead. I'm sure Christina will be there sending her love from afar, wherever that is.

Love Wendy xx


Hi Laurence,

Thanks for updating us. The balloons were a wonderful idea which added a smile to the faces of the children (and others), I am sure Christina would appreciate that.

Take care,

Andy and Angie x


I'm really glad that it was a happy occasion with the balloons being released. I want my own to be a celebration of my life too. Christina, you and your family have been in my thoughts ... Love Tina x x


Hi Lawrence, a sad day but thank you for posting at such a difficult time. She was such an inspiration. Rgds Sandra and Paul.


Dear Laurence

I have always found that the memory of a funeral well done is a great comfort when coping with bereavement. I hope that you find the same as it sounds as if it was, in its own way, a wonderful day. Thank you for telling us about it.

Linda xx


Hello Laurence

My thoughts are with you and your family. x x x


Thank you for posting this. It sounds like a difficult but in its way lovely day was had. My thoughts are with you and hoping that you will continue to get lots of support from friends and family , love dy xx


Thank you Laurence for letting us know how Christina's day went. Wishing you and your Family lots of love and Strength to get through this difficult time. Love Trish xx


Hi Laurence,

Thankyou for posting on such a difficult day.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Angie xx


Thank you, Laurence for letting us know how Christina's funeral went. I'm so glad that it went well and the balloons are a super idea. As you say, I'm sure Christina would have loved it - and the children will remember the day as much for the coloured balloons flying away, as the sad "Good Byes".

Thinking of you and your family. love, Solange


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