I am up in Scotland looking after my two youngest grandchildren, this little man gave me the determination to get through my treatment. I also had my haircut and a vegetable dye put on it today six months post treatment I was so salt & pepper I didn't recognise myself in the mirror, I remember how heartbreaking it was to lose my hair, and now moaning about the colour.

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  • WHAT a wonderful picture. Isn,t he the cutest. I am with you 're the hair colouring I came back pure white and wasn,t having any off it so like you I had it dyed with veggie dye mind you my hair us rather or orangey red so I think the dye was mainly carrot. Chris

  • He's a cutie. Just had a video call with my son who's partner is seven weeks from giving birth to our first grandchild. It's good to have something to look forward to- I'm getting excited (quietly!). My hair is growing back a kinky silver colour not sure about it.



  • Fabulous,I have a grandson aged 3 and another in a couple of weeks!

    My hair grew back a white blonde,so have decided to leave it,Im older than you anyway,but what a lovely photo xxx

  • Awww lovely photo, good to see you looking so well. Your hair looks fab and your grandson's a cutie :). Enjoy every minute 😘

  • Thank you I am feeling really good at the moment, confidence coming back.

    Ellsey xx

  • What a great photo . He's adorable and you look great . Yes extra time with our families is so precious and worth fighting for . Had a lovely lunch to celebrate my sons 24 th birthday with my son and daughter yesterday in London .

    Enjoy your beautiful grandchildren and wishing you lots more fun memories ahead . Love and best wishes Kim X

  • Lovely photo, love the hair to xx

  • Awww great picture your hair looks fab ❤

  • Aw lovely picture ur hair is amazing enjoy xx

  • Well hair looks amazing and your grandson is gorgeous. We have a lot to be grateful for. Enjoy the cuddles xx

  • Great photo with your grandson and your hair looks a really good colour.

  • What a cutie he is therecare going to be heart strings twanging all over😊. Your hair is lovely, it looks really thick and healthy, keep being well ❤️Xx Jane

  • Grandchildren are a gift to be treasured. Your hair looks very smart just right. All the best.

  • Aaaw what a lovely photo, your little grandson is gorgeous and your hair is great. Mine is just about coming back for the second time. I am hoping to get it a bit longer this time,, then have a colour put on. Love the colour of yours. 🙂love Julie xx

  • Thank you all for your lovely comments , going back home tomorrow so I know we will have lots of wonderful memories.

    Ellsey xx

  • Hi Ellsey

    You look fantastic and your hairstyle really suits you. You and your cute grandson make an adorable picture. Well done.


  • You are looking really great,& the hair colour looks so natural. Such a lovely little boy,continue to enjoy your stay in Scotland. My grandson is 23 & has recently got a job in Edinburgh so we will visit him next year for a holiday.xx

  • Aw he's so cute, the apple of his Granny's eye no doubt. I've just gone with the salt and pepper look, can't be bothered with the expense of maintaining a colour when no longer working lol.

    Ann xx

  • You both look great in the photo and he is a real cutie. Enjoy making lots of precious memories with him and keep doing well yourself.

    Best wishes,

    Barbara xx

  • You look fabulous!!! Love the hair cut and color on you. I can see the joy you both have. Kids are the best! Keeps you going, your grandson is adorable. Keep up the good healing and health.


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