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Was at a clinic on Thursday,and was talking to a nurse,she had my file in front of her and I said I had an ultrasound on 14 th and how long will it be before I got was there it said ovaries not found??? No mass detected,yippee.cyst on my kidney and fullness in my upper abdomen???.i had a hysterectomy 1990and was as far as I was aware my ovaries were left also no hormone therapy that everyone else who had ovaries where are they,the upper abdomen is where I have pain every day,and I'm sure this is what makes me short of breath and the pain in my lower my ca125was normal 4wks ago when it was taken,does this mean I don't have o v c.even though I have all the other markers?im feeling good and always praying for everyone on here.xx

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Well, I can't answer your question. What I can say though is ovaries don't just disappear. You need to tell them that as far as you are aware your ovaries were not taken at mprevious surgery. Was it in same hospital? If you have never been back to that hospital since surgery there is a good chance that 15 years on, your notes will have been destroyed. You might need a different type of scan yo detect them! Good luck. Ann


I was in hospital with someone whose ovary had been 'missing' for years. They are only the size of an almond and can hide behind other bits of you so the ultrasound just pings off the other bit and they don't show up on the screen.

It's v crowded in there, not like the neat diagrams in medical books. As Ann says, they might show up on a CT scan.

The symptoms of ov ca are just like the symptoms for a whole lot of other, usually minor, things - that's the problem with diagnosis. You do get shortness of breath if there's a lot of fluid, or a large cyst lower down, but plenty of other reasons for that.

Don't know about accessing records of previous surgery - but I agree you'd probably have been on HRT if they'd been removed.

Hope you get some answers soon.


Since they don't just disappear, I'd be a bit troubled by the fact that they weren't "found". Either the person reading it or the tech who performed it didn't do a thorough job. I would imagine if you had your ovaries removed you would have known it with menopausal symptoms.....I would ask them to do another scan. I'm confused when you say all symptoms point to cancer? Thought you said ca125 was normal? May want to follow up, to be sure you are getting accurate info. Best of luck!!


Thank you everyone for trying to help,have app with consultant on June 10th,so will see then what is happening then x


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