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I'm home!! Woooohooo!!

Hi guys I'm home and doing well from my operation,

Surgeon said my ovaries were in alot worse condition that first thought and my biggest cyst was 8CM!!!

Also when removing my ovaries they found I had shadowing on my bowl so they have taken some biopsy away for testing.. They seem to think it just where my cyst have been leaning and that every thing is fine... So fingers crossed for them results..

I found the whole situation alot less painful then I imagined, had to stay in a extra night as I caught a water infection. But was up and about the next morning.

Thank you all for your support at the moment I'm feeling really positive but I know ill be facing lots of other emotions soon once they all start kicking in..

Wish me look :)

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Well done, get plenty of rest and dont lift anything heavy like a full kettle even when you think you can. XxPaul

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Glad to hear you're home. Remember to take things easy and not to overdo it. Don't worry about getting emotional when it does happen, just let it all's just as healing in many ways as a good laugh.




Thinking of you, and sending my best wishes love x G x


So glad you are home. Please take things easy as it is so easy to overdo things in the post-op euphoria.


Zannah x


Well done for getting through the worst bit! It will all get better from here I hope. Hopefully, they will have taken any nasty bits away and solved the problem. Will be thinking of you. Good luck, Belle!

Love Wendy xx


Glad to hear you made it through and that the op went well. Make sure you down over do it but the exercises the physio gave me to do I found really good. Hope you get positive news about the biopsies.



So glad you are home and all went ..take heed from advice not do any lifting as you should not even be thinking about such things yet ....Just to take it steady and enjoy the sunshine x

Love Jan xx


Glad its all over and done with. Chill out now for a while, take it steady, and don't run before you can walk !!

Make the most of this rest period to enjoy things that you like.

Love Trish xx


Glad you are home and feeling positive. Yes, hang onto that feeling as you may go up and down a bit (apart from anything else there is a hormone withdrawal impact!). The point is whatever the histology: the main problem is now OUT, there might be more mop-up to go but you can be confident you have made a major dent in the problem, regardless. Take time to be thankful and enjoy the being home. And do nothing at all no matter how much you want to do stuff - you need some waiting on!


Sue xxx


Dear Belle, Welcome Home. It was really good to hear it's all gone well and you feel upbeat and positive. Now to spoil yourself and gentle healing exercise until you're back to health.

Thinking of you. Xxx love Annie


Excellent news, pleased to hear you are doing okay. For me the relief at no more pain from the cyst was amazing. I also had a biopsy from where the cyst rested on the bowel but was all ok, am sure yours will be too.

LA xx


Hi Belle

I am sure it is a relief to be back home again.

Take care

Anne x


Isn't it a good feeling to be rid off all the ' nasty stuff ' but take it easy as

everyone has advised.

I became very weepy a few days after my op and was told it was because

my ovaries had been removed, although I was post menopause it still

had an effect. As you are much younger than me no doubt you will need

to seek help from your GP or medical team if you find you are having

further problems (Flushing and night sweats)

Take care and wishing you a speedy recovery

Love Angie xx


Hi Michelle

I am so glad the surgery is complete, It is always a difficult time so it is nice to get that bit out of the way. I was thinking about you and hoping it went well. Glad you are now back in the comfort of your own home, wishing you a speedy recovery.




Hi, Belle.

Very good to know you´re back home and the surgery was a sucess. Now spoil yourself - be lazy, don´t be afraid to ask to people around you to help and forget about chores. The recovery time is very important to avoid any hernia or bleeding.

Hugs, Fernanda.


Hi belle glad your home and surgery went well . Remember to take it easy

Ally x


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