Love to you all .... And keep fighting

Love to you all .... And keep fighting

Hi everyone,

I well remember how I felt in 1997- age47- Stage 3c, a lot removed, followed by Carboplatin chemo. Now my sister has been diagnosed with possibly similar so I have started to read again.

My mother had developed Alzheimer's, and I was really distraught, plus my own life was a mess and I was a t a very low ebb, then I got cancer.

Basically, I believe you have to try to make your life as good/happy as possible and read, discuss and decide for yourself what to do during and after your treatment. I argued with the onc (he was lovely!) and was a horrible, demanding patient. After a lot of my own research, I decided to gradually build up Vitamin C (Solgar with flavonoids, 6 grams a day as diarrhea came when I tried more) and have Iscador mistletoe injections - this was all started during my chemo. I also decided on selenium tablets and Vit B - don't remember what exactly.

My lovely onc said go ahead if it makes you feel better! Touch wood, that was 18 years ago and nothing since. I remember the feelings of being very lonely and wondering for years afterwards, with every little pain I my body, if it was coming back.

I now only take 1 and a half grams of Vit C daily ( give my body a break of a few months now and then!) and have stopped the other things although I continued for years.

Good luck to you all, be strong as possible and try to take some decisions for yourself as your body can surprise you. A huge hug and love.

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  • Thankyou for posting. I've been struggling to stay positive the last few days and reading your story really helps. All the best to your sister xx

  • I had bad times too but just try to make your life happier and have something to look forward to. Enjoy what you can and imagine your healthy body fighting the bad cells. Keep r adding and sharing your feelings too. A big hug. xx

  • This is a lovely uplifting post I am glad you are doing fantastic. It gives us all encouragement. My onc isnt a great believer in anything except treatment. I do juicing and might take the odd carton of Vit C and Zinc and someone else suggested on here seven seas immune support. I cant see any great harm in those as they are actually jellies with vitamins. You are right, you have to live each day to the full. I am sorry your Mum has Alzeheimers, Mine did also before I had surgery and it was a difficult decision to put her in a home. I couldnt look after her I felt very guilty but she was happy enough there. She had a fall and was hospitalised and we discovered she also had stomach cancer. So unfortunately she passed. I hope your sister is doing okay. Keep up the positivity

  • Sorry about your mum. Mine died nearly 10 years ago and it was a relief for us all as she had no quality of life. Don't feel guilty - we have one life and can only do our best. Glad to hear about the zinc as that was another med I decided to take. You sound fine and I wish you all the best. A big hug.

  • Thank you for your message of hope, it's very inspiring. My onc like most doesn't have much time for complementary therapies but I am interested in the mistletoe and Vit C. Where did you go to get the mistletoe injections if you don't mind sharing?

    I am 49 and also have an elderly mother with mental health issues and 2 teenagers so this cancer came at a bad time! I am 6 months post chemo and live in constant anxiety about recurrence but try to be grateful that I am still here at all!

    I am sorry to hear about your sister and hope she has same outcome as you.

    Best wishes


  • I lived in Scotland, had a sympathetic doctor and she phoned an anthroposophical clinic to find out what to do. The Iscador was on the NHS but I don't know if it still is free. I know about the anxiety and every twinge is a major worry. Give lots of love to your 2 teenagers and try to support them by listening. The difficulty is your mother but you probably can't do much there anyway. I wish you many happy years and send a big hug - we can never have enough human touch. I forgot to say that I tried to save money for reflexology during and after the treatment and I used the Maggie centre as often as possible. hope you can do something you love too. xxx

  • Hi. I am in Aberdeen scotland and was wondering where you are. I am hoping to meet a few scots on this forum so we can compare treatment options etc. in Scotland.would you be interested.

    By the way', my name is Jacqui.

  • Hi Jacquie,

    Un Not on scotland now

  • Sorry about odd reply! I'm not in Scotland now and my sister does not wish to have contact with others. There was a woman from Glasgow called Celtic. Good luck in your search.

  • No not a problem. Yes I think I had contact with Celtic but thNks anyways. If your sister changes her mind. We are all here for her. Take care. Jacqui

  • Loved reading this post. Thank you for sharing x

  • Hi

    Thank you for your post - glad to hear you are still going strong.

    Just a thought, have you considered genetic testing based on the age you developed your ovarian cancer and now your sister's diagnosis?

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Sharon but my sister is having it and my niece too. xx

  • I have just found out my mum as ovarian cancer that as spread to her tummy. We find out tomorrow what the plan will be so scared an upset I have just found this site x

  • I can imagine how you feel but if you read further on this site you will see that it is possible for even Stage 4 to have a normal, long life. You have to try and support each other and be positive - wait and see what they say. A bit hug for you and give your mum a hug too. Jacquie Xx

  • Thank you for your reply , am just trying to read as much as poss , an weighing it all up its such a shock thanks for hug xx

  • I've only just read this post and seen that amazing photo. How awesome to fly in an aquaplane and bob on the water amongst anchored yachts. The picture evoked in my mind some amazing adventures.

    Madelaine mentions Iscador. This is actually on your GP's national list of NICE approved drugs but most GPs aren't qualified as homeopaths. I went to a homeopath in Harley Street who's a cancer specialist and a working medical practitioner at UCL. She's also director of the London School of Homeopathy. She wrote a letter of recommendation and this enabled my GP to prescribe it on the NHS.

    Iscador is widely used in Germany which is committed to an integrated approach to cancer treatments and has the best survival rates in Europe. I thought that wasn't a bad recommendation. I took Iscador when I started to relapse after my initial line of chemotherapy. It isn't accredited with curing cancer but is alleged to slow up the relapse. There is a scientific body in the UK that puts homeopathic treatments through trials. I'll do my best to find the URL and paste it into this thread.

    The NHS won't cover the cost of the injections. I took drops under the tongue on the advice of my homeopath. If you want to buy Iscador over the counter it's about £80 for a course of 3 months.

    Hope this is helpful. xx Annie

  • Thanks, Annie, for the info on Iscador as I didn't know the present ruling on it. Interesting and I will tell my sister.

    Jacquie xx

  • Here's a paper written by the NHS:

    I guess there are two deciding factors:

    1. Whether Iscador is in the current 2015 NHS Directory of NICE approved drugs. My GP was happy to show me the entry for Iscador in 2013.

    2. If the GP isn't trained in homeopathy whether they would accept the recommendation of a senior homeopath and director of the Royal School of Integrated Medicine.

    I wish your sister the best of luck with her enquiries. xx Annie

  • Thanks for this - my sister has been accepted for homeopathic Iscador.

    Love to you all.

    Jacquie x

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