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Pain since low CA125

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I'm after some advice for my special person....

Shes been in pain since being told no more chemo for now as her cancer is classed as dormant and recently she says she's getting all her previous symptoms that she had before her reoccurrence in the summer she's not due to see the onc until the new year and saw her GP recently who said after all the treatments she's had he'd be very surprised if she wasn't in pain for another 6-12 months whilst her body is healing. She won't take painkillers as she'd rather try and let her body heal on its own due to her immunity. Any advice would be great thanks 😊 Xx

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Suggest she calls her clinical nurse first thing tomorrow (hopefully she does have one) and tells her how she feels. That would be a good way to discuss whether it's time to bring her consultant appointment forward.

Re her pain, she does need to take painkillers - one of the first questions likely to be asked is what painkillers she is taking to help her and it's not right that she suffers.

The GP comment is right in a way as we all do have pains after chemo and it can take some time to settle down however it's not right to ignore possible symptoms.

If she is worried then that needs to be taken seriously. There is a fine line between not going to get something checking and being in the doctors every minute., we manage that and it can be hard.

She must be the best judge of her own body - if she is in discomfort then she needs to do something about it, suggest she makes that call.

Hope all is well

Take care



Hi Clare

Thanks for your response she's seen this and is going to follow the advice given I will post an update tomorrow when we know more 😊 Xxx

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The thing is we tend to think of our medical profession as knowing best however they see us for 10 minutes then move on so we must be assertive! Good luck to your 'special person ' xx

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Thank you 😊 xx

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Hi, I finished second line chemo In August and am in absolute agony with pain In my leg. I had been taking 400mg Ibuprofen morning and night. am relatively pain free if I'm just sittting about tbe house, housework or walking is different story! Saw my GP yesterday and got a stronger tablet. She's been through enough, she needs to take pain relief. No need to be a martyr! Ann x


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