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Bed managers are the boss

Got a phone call at 4 30 yesterday . Come in we have a bed for your drain . They won't do it today at this time surely . Highly unlikely . Well is it o k if I come in first thing . I'll check with doctor . No problem see u in the morning at nine . I arrive the bed manager had given my bed away . Iv learnt bed managers are boss . If your not on your bed for eight at night they give it away . Eventually got a bed drain booked . Or rather waiting for a space tomorrow they hope . Fun fun gun

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I do hope you manage to get drained tomorrow, I remember how uncomfortable that fluid can be.

Unfortunately, the bed they had earmarked for you would had been needed if there were several admissions overnight and beds were under pressure, they can't justify having an empty bed!! That's not much consolation to you though and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Take care and hope you feel relief very soon.

Ali xx


It's a learning process right enough . Here's hoping tomorrow lol


This reminds me of when I was in for my first op. I was on a ward full of lovely ladies and we were all up late chatting after an action packed day. At midnight one of the poor nurses came in and asked one of us to move to another ward as she was due to be discharged in the morning. She was a bit unhappy about it and the girl in the bed next to her asked the nurse if she could refuse. The nurse said that she could so the older lady sat in her bed and said firmly 'I refuse'

The poor nude had to break the news to an over worked bed manager and came back to let her know she could keep her bed... We all cheered. It was a very rebellious crew in he gynae ward at that time!

Moral is once you are in your bed you have more rights over it than the bed manager.

Good luck


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We had a bad experience with Bed Manager, my daughter was to be in ITU for three days after Colostomy, bed manager moved her out after twelve hours into stroke ward, she caught infection and died, so bed managers are not my favourite people and being sorry does not bring them back.Gillx


Sorry you had such a hassle. Please don't blame the bed manager though, they are constantly having to juggle patients and beds and take their orders from above.

Hope it all gets sorted out for you. Best of luck

Mary xx


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