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Anyone had a drain at home?

Just wondered if anyone else has had to have a drain at home? As there is no room in the local hospice, the team there have decided to come out to me at home and drain my ascities tomorrow morning. Anyone else heard of this? It sure beats spending time in the local acm ward.

Love n hugs

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Obviously, you'd rather not have to have it done at all, but as you do -that's a pretty good solution!

Hoping it all goes well for you.



Thinking of you with love xxx

there is no place like home when you are ill


Good luck tomorrow I know you will feel so much better when it is over.

I've been lucky enough to have a lot of my chemo done at home and it certainly takes the stress out of the equation.




Hi this is prob due to change in health service where nursing patients at home may be more beneficial. At least you will be in the comfort of your own home with your own bed and surroundings and able to rest better. Take care x


Dear Viv

At last you're having the drain. It sounds good to me having that done in the comfort of your own home. I've heard of other people having drains that they manage themselves. So much better than travelling.

I hope it's a comfortable experience for you.

Sending loads of love xxx Annie


Hi Viv I had my drain put in while I was in hospital but was sent home with it still in me. I emptied the bag every day it was left in me for about three weeks I went to work with it and strapped the bag to my leg . It was okay once I got used to it .

Love Babs x x


Babs you really made me smile I dont know how you managed for that long time!!

Gold star.


Hi Viv.

I think it great to have the drain done at home saves hanging around Good luck

Regards Barbara.x


Sounds good. It's ****** that it's happened, but perhaps the best way of dealing with it. Cx


Didn't need to leave my bag on....... Got 8 litres in 3 hours!!!!!!! Feeling a lot slimmer today, but very tired.... Laying in the chair all day. They were very efficient, arrived on the dot, phoned to see how things were going and when we said things had stopped they were here in half an hour to take it out. Follow up call from the nurse this morning and a visit from the doc for examination. Much easier than the hospital if you have a carer to empty the bag. He's wonderful!!!


So glad that you must be feeling more comfortable now, Viv. Hope you will regain some of that old go-getting spirit that we love after a good rest and a bit of cosseting. Sounds like a job for your carer again! Take it easy for as long as it needs. Sending you hugs (((xxx)))

Love Wendy xx


Wish you well


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