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The drain chapter six

Morning girls , well the district nurse dud the drain yesterday 10 days after the worm joined me , anyway she only got half litre or 500 ml , had like bad cramp all day after , it's a plurex drain like a Hoover , I Said perhaps leave it two weeks I do t feel 500 is much , now I'm thinking four weeks , any thoughts enjoy the sunshine xxxannie

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Hi there well I have no experience with drains but hopefully the fact that the fluid output is now decreasing its a good sign. The weather is cool here although dry but certainly not the summer weather we expected.


I have no experience with drains either Annie but you could have a chat with Specialist Oncology Nurse or Consultant and see what they think? Less is good though????

Take care and hope you get rid of Your "worm" soon!

Love Wendy xxx


Hi Annie what worm r we talking about I've just had one for my lung emptied nearly 2 litres of fluid no wonder I had problems breathing lol



You prob had a drain iv had three off them this worm is pernement because the fluid fills , then it's murder trying it get somene to drain u , this is at my side the district nurse drains it , it looks like into a wine bottle , still working out a maintanence on his often , that was ten days next 14 days so see then , I hated the bloating glad to have this , happy sundY . Annie


Hi Celtic,sorry to hear your being drained (in more ways than one ) ,I had over 2 st of fluid drained from my abdomen,They have to do it over days as if they drain too much at one time then there's a danger of blood pressure dropping,They usually go by your weight on how much may be fluid,My weight is regularly checked by my G.p and if it shows it's gaining abnormally then I would be sent in for more draining,All I know is,the relief when fluid is drained is immense.Hopefully you'll feel a lot better soon and that you get the right information and support.x x


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