The drain chapter five

Well at last I got my drain and it's a pernement one infact put in by a professor , they got five litre and I lost 11 iibs , amazing , the district nurse will come and show me how to use the equipment , at the moment a bit tender and bruised have two lots of stitches a few will come out next week the other two which are round the straw like tube three weeks I'm thinking it's so the skin knits , it was a complete surprise the only downfall no swimming a fact I don't think u can even have a bath , it Hugh out like a big worm me being me would have caught it in the cooker , tumble dryer ect , the nurse wrapped like a wee cartwheel put a big plaster over it , day one any advice I'd be grateful well happy days Annie xxx

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  • Hi Annie

    Can't offer any advice as not been in your position, but glad to hear that you've finally got a drain sited. You must feel much more comfortable at last, and once the soreness eases you will soon get used to having a worm, and you will manage it in time with no problem. Its amazing what we can cope with when we have to.

    Check out with the Nurse to see if there is any waterproof covering you could use to have a bath, I think there may be something available. If not, better to stick with a shower to avoid any risk of infection.

    All the best with coping with your new "addition" and focus on being spared any further fluid build up and associated discomfort.

    Hope all goes well.

    Ali x

  • Well that was a long wait but you probably got the best man to do in in the end, I hope the wound will heal up quickly and take any pain meds you are prescribed as I imagine it will be sore for a few days at least. You shouldnt be going near a cooker or a tumbler dry you should be taking it easy. Gosh that was a lot of fluid bet your clothes are looser now, I suppose if you cant have a shower, maybe you can have a wash in the bathroom with a sponge down. I have no experience of drains maybe some one else might give you more advice. Maybe a clear big bin liner or cling film you could use to protect it. Hopefully the nurse will have some ideas

  • Hi I have a permanent drain in my abdoman, called a Pleurx. Marvellous. You can bathe quickly!I drain every 2 days and it is so good and easy once trained.


  • I was thinking drain every two weeks how much have u got out , I have a wet room in the house so not bothered about bath , have u been advised not too swim and how about holiday pool ect , do u use the same equipment ect untill it's full sorry to have so many questions but I thought I was getting simple drain , so happy Annie

  • Hi Annie, You may have got this reply twice! IYou must not immerse in water for many mins. I find shower pulls the dresssing off so find a quick bath better. I get off 1 litre usually. The hospital will advise you how often to drain as depends on fluid you produce.

    Any other questions feel free to ask.


  • Had the first drain today ten days since , only got half litre and the pain from the vacuum when they took it put , iv been a bit sore since , u think I should leave it longer perhaps three weeks

  • Hi I have found it hurts when not enough fluid. I would try leaving it a few more days and see. You can usually tell by your weight.Mine hurt al;l the time to start with.


  • Hi Annie, You must not soak in any water. I find a shower pulls the dressings off. I drain up to 1 litre every 2 days but you will be advised on the frequency by the hospital ( or nurses). It really depends on how much comes out.Any other questions feel free to ask me.


  • Thanks for this , had u had three times normal drain before and how long have u had the drain , I'm thinking infection and that , though two lots of Clemo 12 hits I was fin Annie

  • Also do you wrap yours round like a cartwheel then put a plaster on , I don't have a bath so shower and change dressing daily looks like , do u love it hated that bloody fluid cheers annie

  • I had a plurex drain and it was showers only for me, with the waterproof dressing on. I was lucky enough to have the district nurses come in and do the drain and they were told that they were not allowed to drain off more than 2l at a time. ( I started with loosing 9l and several times of 5l before I had the plurex ) The nurses came out every 3 days.

    Can I warn you though, that as the chemo kicks in and the ascites starts to recede that it can get painful towards the end of the drain, as the suction pulls on you....I did swear a couple of times and then I was glad to see the back of the drain!


  • It was only the first drain today half a litre as u were saying the pain at the end I was thinking I'd leave it for a month that was ten days , feel as though I got stomach cramp all night xx

  • i have one of these and am puzzled about long term management. trouble finding info...

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