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IPC peritoneal catheter

Dear ladies

I've got just one question, does any one of you have experience with permanent drain for ascites? My wife have recurrence of OC and she just had second round of her second chemo 5 weeks ago and few days after that she drained 2,5 litter of ascites. Just week later, and she felt like a whale again. So It seems like it chemo doesn't stop ascites to come back. Her oncologist prescribed permanent drain , so she doesn't have to run to hospital every other week. It will be installed tomorrow. And my question, can you take a bath or when and how does it limit you in your daily activities? Thank you very much


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Dear Alex

Thank you for your message. I'm sorry you've not had any replies yet, but I hope this information is helpful. There is some information on permanent drains on the Cancer Research UK website here:


There is also some information and patient stories on the manufacturer's website here:


With regard to taking a bath, usually you have to wait until the dressing and all the stitches are removed. Do ask your wife's nurse for advice specific to her and her procedure though. They will also assess how well your wife's drain site has healed and they can let her know when it is safe to have a bath. Generally people find daily activities easier after having a drain fitted, because the breathlessness and discomfort from the ascites is being managed.

I hope all goes well today with your wife's procedure. Do get in touch with me either through the forum or on 0800 008 7054 if there's anything we can help with.

Best wishes


Ovacome Supprot Service Manager

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Can I ask how your wife is getting on with the permanent drain. I have permanent advices as well and thought this may be a better way for me. Is she finding it easier?




Hi there,

I'm Iva, wife with drain.

Just to say, I was struggling with reacummulating ascites, which caused lots of symptoms, like pain, pressure, low appetite, low fluid intake and nausea with vomiting.

Since I have a drain, these symptoms lessen, I feel more comfortable and eatIng and drinking is bit easier, of course I'm undergoing chemotherapy, though there's lots of side effects due to that.

I was quite worried, but I got use to it quite quickly. So far district nurse comes to empty it every second day. I'm tend to learn to do it myself once I'm more confident.

I've had a drain before, but this one is more flexible as the bag can be attached to it only for draining period and then it's just a pipe under the dressing. I can shower, but I must say, I miss my bath.

After the procedure, it was bit sore for couple of days, so I've taken regular painkiller. I also had episodes of vomiting day after drain was put in, but that was probably how my body reacted to this new accessory in my body.

I cant think of anything else to add. But if you, please do so.

I hope you'll find this helpful.

Best wishes


Thanks for this it is very helpful, I think it sounds easier than keep having a drain put in but I think I would miss my bath as well. Is it just a small dressing you need to cover it for your shower?




Sorry for late reply. Things been bit hectic. Yes, I have a small dressing and covering it with bigger waterproof one, which allows me enjoy my shower!

I guess, if you thinking about getting one, it's good to talk to your CNS as well. Mine explained it beforehand and also printed me a leaflet with basic information.

The one I have is called Rocket dog. You can look at it at :

www.rocket medical.com

It is Rocket IPC Peritoneal Catheter

Let me know how you getting on, if you like.

Sending strenght and love



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