We did it!.......l did it!

We did it!.......l did it!

We got away! Sunny sunshine for a whole week, thanks to you ladies for your encouraging us to go. It's certainly been a great tonic to spend time together. Then yesterday I had my first Chemo... Felt guilty being the brown berry in the room but we had to do it.

Now we watch and wait..... Come on chemo do your thing!!

Love and positive vibes to you all today


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  • Glad you went, and had a good time, The memories will take you well into chemo and by then you will be planning your next trip x

  • So pleased you had a great time and well done for your first chemo done and dusted. Remember to take your meds religiously and if you start to feel sick or unwell then ring your chemo unit for advice !

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I will, I promise!


  • Lovely to hear...it's amazing how a bit of R&R away can do wonders for the soul. Best of luck for your treatment ahead xx

  • Thank you lovely


  • I'm so very pleased you got away and enjoyed your trip, it's good for us both physically and mentally and a holiday recharges our batteries ready for what life throws at us, well done on getting the first chemo out of the way too, I hope the side effects weren't too bad for you xx, keep taking the drugs 😊, start planning your next trip for when treatment is done. Keep well ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thank you Jane, onwards and upwards as they say...


  • Fantastic , so pleased you had a great time and good luck with the chemo . Stay strong love and best wishes Kim X

  • Thank you Kim, I'm doing my best!


  • So glad you got Way and enjoyed yourself. Good luck with your chemo. Ann xx

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