Hi have not posted on here before but wondered if anyone had been given Letrozole after being found to platinum resistant I think it is called. I have had 18 sessions of chemo but it has not been a huge success so am now taking Letrozole daily to try and slow growth down. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 3 in April 2014 despite having an oophorectomy at the age of 40 yrs and having had a hysterectomy aged 33 years !!!!!!!!! I am now 68 years. It is a very long story and do not want to bore you but any information will be gladly received. I know this medicine is often used for breast cancer. Many thanks .

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  • Hi There, I have been on Letrozole for about 8months now but, this was prescribed because I was diagnosed with breast cancer as well as ovarian cancer. I finished chemo last January and my Ca125 has gone up at every review albeit slowly. Hope it goes well for you. I will never really know if the Letrozole has made a difference but am prepared to throw anything I can at it.

  • Thankyou for that and yes I trust it has and continues to help you. I am like you in that I will throw all I can at this dreadful disease. I am still in shock as had always been told I did not have ovaries or Fallopian tubes so you can imagine my shock at this diagnosis. Sorry to hear you have had a double whammy. Take care.

  • Sorry to bother you but wondered if you knew if Letrozole and Avastin are similar or if one is more effective than the other or used for similar effect?

  • Hi No problem. In simple terms.

    Avastin works by stopping the growth of new blood vessels to a cancer. It stops the cancer cells from getting a good supply of blood. If cancer cells do not get a good blood supply then they cannot grow and they begin to die off.

    Letrozole is a type of medicine which reduces the effect of hormones there is a lot of thoughts around ovarian cancer being driven by oestrogen so taking Letrozole helps to reduce this. Our bodies still produce these hormones even though we had the ovaries removed. As less oestrogen reaches the cancer cells, they grow more slowly or stop growing altogether.

  • Thankyou. I had not understood completely what these medications were for but I now und stand. Many thanks.

  • I am also on letrozole and have been for a couple of months as peanut says it infers with the process of making oestrogen which the adrenal glands make in small amounts. Avastin interfers with the production of blood vessels any blood vesels not just those that grow on tumours but because cancer cells generally divide rapidly they are more likely to be affected.

    Interesting peanut that you have remained on letrozole even though you have had small increases in your CA125 my last rose from 1000 to 1400 after being on it for 6 weeks. If it increases again the letrozole may be stopped and I may have to try something else.

  • It's prescribed via the breast cancer team and not my oncology team so maybe that's why.

  • I was diagnosed stage 3c in Sept 2009 aged 69. I have had 5 different chemo agents totalling 39 separate doses and, after breast cancer in 2012 I was prescribed letrazole to inhibit oestrogen production. Maybe that has slowed down the tumour growth because I am living with it still and managing to live on. I am now steroid induced type 2 diabetic and my blood sugar is getting harder to control so my GP has prescribed metformin which is reputed to slow down OC growth. I have also been referred to the Marsden for possible trials and we are monitoring progress on Metformin to ensure that the dose is right and I do not get hypos. Apart from nausea (which I control with Metaclopramide and then ignore) and low energy levels I am managing fine. It is a chronic illness and I am learning to live with it and work around it.

    I do not lnow if this helps you but I feel it helps not to give up but adapt to the circumstances and get on with life!

    Good luck


  • Thankyou so much. That is reassuring. I am also type 2 diabetic and am on Metaphorminin. There does not appear to be any trials for me at the moment here in Aberdeen Scotland. I wish you the best of luck and may things continue to be good for you.

  • I was commenced on Letrozole after my second round of chemo to see whether it would slow growth. I took it for 5 months but became symptomatic so requested CT scan. Tumours had grown although ca125 much the same as when second round chemo finished. Now on 3rd line chemo . I am being treated in Aberdeen too although live near Elgin.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Love the Aberdeen Elgin area! Used to drive up there when I worked for my first Union, MPO, though in Aberdeen I did find hotels very expensive, the Union was mean and the only place I could afford was a bit like a wild west saloon!

    Early 90's! Happy days! Elgin is lovely! I found a really good place to stay there and was fascinated by how many different whisky miniatures were on sale in the supermarket nearby! Sheep Dip was one of my favourites! LOL!

  • I have met very few ladies with OC so difficult to get information on what treatments are available here. Do you keep well and is it ARI you go to.

  • PS. Avastin not given in Scotland

    Wendy x

  • I start IV taxol tomorrow, then have IP Cistplatin the next day, then have IP taxol the following week. Off chemo for a week, then start this cycle again for a total of 6 cycles. I am stage 2B tubal serous carcinoma. I only have cancer cells now in my washings because I had a successful debulking surgery. I'm in the USA so I'm assuming our regimes are a bit different than in the UK. But my question is, is a person run down the entire 18 weeks that their treatments is going on or just on certain days. has anyone else had this regime then went to Avastin? I'm so worried I won't be able to tolerate this type of chemo.

  • Wow that sounds very exacting. My weekly Sessions were over a 5 mth petiod due to minor exploratory surgery. Low blood counts and illness. I suffered terribly from fatigue. I had 18 sessions in all. Hope you all keep well.

  • Hi Karenswalk.

    It may help you get more answers by re posting your own question again, as some women may miss your question being tagged on the end of these posts. In the top right hand corner click on write a post. Then it will become a question that everyone can look see.

  • Don't tend to offer intra peritoneal chemo in the UK.

    I have had 2 rounds of Carbo/Taxal given X 3 weekly for 6 sessions and am now on Carboplatin/Caelyx. I do go to ARI 5gems and am due my 3rd one in ward 315 on Thursday with CT Scan arranged for 30th March to see how effective chemo has been

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Thankyou for that and had hoped to suggest meetin in ARI but something came up and this is me just getting back to you now. Hope all went well last week and good luck on the 30th. Love Jacqui

  • Hi. Was wondering how you are doing and are you still attending ARI. jacqui

  • Doing fine Jacqui. Scan results after 3 x Carbo/Caelyx showed significant shrinkage of tumours so continued with 4th dose . Back to ARI for 5th dose on Thursday 14th. :)

    How are you doing?

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Hi Wendy. That's super and so glad you are responding well. I am having a CT scan tomorrow to see if I have to go back on Chemo. Will not get results for 2 weeks then see what's what.

    Hope the 14th goes well . Would you like a flying visit from me or would you rather not. I will not be offended if you prefer not to as I was quite solitary during my chemo.

    Just have a think about it and let me know either way.

    Of to bed now but will check back soon.


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