Stage 2 low grade serous ovarian cancer

Hello ladies😊

I am new on this board, was diagnosed with stage 2 low grade serous OC on July 24. I had surgery to remove a complex cyst that turned out to be cancerous. Had full hysterectomy Decided not to have chemo and now on LEtrozole.

Any ladies out there that have been on letrozole without chemo? Any special diets or special herbs that are recommended for this type of cancer?

Thank you and have a lovely day and sending positive thoughts, love and courage to all🌷🌷

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  • Welcome to our lovely gang. I can’t comment on the letrozole as I had the surgery then was put on the Carbo/taxol regime, but I wanted to wish you well and hope your treatment works well for you. Keep well love ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thank you so much Jane! Wishing you many years of good health and happiness. A big hug 💗

  • My mum was diagnosed with stage 3c 7 years ago. Had a year of chemo then started on Letrozole as they discovered she was ER positive. Letrozole kept mum's disease stable until last August. No special diet. Just leading a 'normal' life. Good luck and all the best xx

  • Than you Charlotte! Very encouraging and the best to your mom.😊

  • Hi there

    I am also on letrozole. I did chemo for three rounds then just decided what's the point as it's low grade. Disease is stable so dinsny want to put my body through it.

    I do find I am getting quite achey after sitting down for a while. Not sure if it's the letrozole.

    I am not on a special diet. Indeed rating rather too much crap however I do try to get my greens in, eat lots of anti intoxicant berries and take tumeric. Not sure if it all works or not but makes me feel better. I did see a natropath who prescribed over $500 of suppleness which I bought. In hindsight think they probably saw me coming!

    Wishing you healing thoughts on your journey!


  • Hi Babbey,

    Thank you for your response and wishing well in this journey of ours. I also did not want chemo since the statistics are so low on it working for low grade serous.

    The Letrozole can make you ackey and stiff, plus hot flashes. I walk about 2.5 miles a day and take the Letrozole in the morning. Looking into a nutritionist and some stress reducing alternative methods such as reflexology, acupuncture, energy healing etc. don't know how we got this and hope they are successful in trials to find a good remission drug so that we can live a lon life.

    I am 57 and had just retired, now this unfortunately has become my full time job along with taking care of my elderly parents.

    Have a good day and lots of positive thoughts! Sending hugs!💜💜


  • I was diagnosed with stage 2A low grade endometroid OC July 22 last year and also decided chemo was not for me. Part of that decision was due to the fact that no relatives who have taken chemotherapy lived past 18 months and I was told by a top hospital in the US it would only add 10% to my overall survival if they found the right drugs, my body could tolerate the treatments/side effects, etc.

    So I radically changed my diet (vegetarian, no sugar/low carb but do eat fish) and take supplements (ginger root, turmeric, vitamin D3, modified citrus pectin, vitamin C & B complex, mushroom mix, quercetin, pancreatic enzymes, CoQ10, etc.). My CA125 was 256 before surgery and last month was 12. I try to exercise (walking/swimming) several times a week to help lower blood sugar and take bitter melon every other day or so to lower glucose. I have also been on Budwig diet and made Essiac tea during the first year after diagnosis which I think has helped. I also go to a sauna once a week to sweat out the toxins and de-stress.

    I’m sorry I don’t have any experience with Letrozole as my surgeon basically abandoned my care once I refused chemo/radiation so my protocol is based on my research and reading I have done. I recommend the books “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer” by Dr. Nasha Winters ND and “The Truth about Cancer” by Ty Collinger for alternative treatments. Dr. Winters had OC 20+ years ago and is still here and fighting it. She did not do chemo or radiation for her treatment.

    I wish you success in finding your own cure and don’t forget to find joy in every day.

  • Thank you so much for your response and information given. I also think the same way! I went on Letrozole since it is much less toxic than chemo and hopefully will delay if it comes back.

    Wishing you the very best and lots of good energy and hugs from me💗

  • Thank you - I am also allergic to many common life saving medications and when I asked about testing to see if I would be allergic to the chemo they purposed, I was told they don't do that but would put me in ICU for infusions if necessary (cause we know ICU is free - not!). Be sure to detox your system when you are done with treatments as I have heard not doing so causes lingering side effects and other health issues. Not many on here who refused chemo/radiation but I refuse the "try this try that" method of treatment until you are too toxic and nothing works. Take care and hope you find your cure.

  • Thank you and you do the same. I have followed you😊😊

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