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Hi, my wife has been on Letrozole for a month now and she is getting what we assume are the side effects, though of course it could just be the ongoing OC aches and pains. This question is for anyone on it, or that has been on it:

'My wife has quite a constant pain in her groin/tops of legs, an achey pully type of pain - eased when laying down. If you have ever had this on Letrozole, did it eventually go or is it just something to put up with'?

We know of course that irrespective of what anyone else gets or doesnt, it doesnt mean hers will follow the same path, but just interested.

Last but not least HAPPY EASTER to one and all.

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I have not taken Letrozole, but the type of pain you describe is familiar to me from the site of the grional lymph node that was removed before my cancer was diagnosed, and which led to the diagnosis.

It has been four years and three months now, but that is the area that aches before anywhere else. My GP tells me that it is not unusual for any intervention in the groin area to cause this.

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Thanks for responding.


Sometimes it is because lymphatic fluid builds up and has to find new pathways (lymph nodes having been removed) to drain away. If that is what it is, maybe a lymphatic massage would help. Might be worth asking her onc.

Happy Easter to you too



Hi, thanks for responding, dont think its this cos its a new thing rather than any ache/pain etc that she has had over the past 2 plus years. But yeah we will ask Onc.



I've been on Letrozole for a year & have, on and off, groin & top of leg pain. It has got worse over the last 4 weeks & it sometimes has an achy pulling sensation & sometimes especially if I bend over too far to put on socks/tights, etc I can get a sharp stabbling sensation. I have a very large cyst on my kidney & think that this could have got bigger or it's adhesions from surgery. I'm going to speak to my consultant when I see him in May but if this gets worse I will try & get an earlier appointment. Might be worth a phone call to ask your wifes consultant about this.

Happy Easter to you & your wife



This sounds exactly like my wifes symptoms.....which whilst obviously for you and her its not nice, for me, and to an extent her, it is good to hear someone else on Letrozole getting the same achey pully pains.....

we have next Onc visit in 4 weeks, so i am going to email Onc and ask if we can have a scan before we see her....

Thanks for responding.


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