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Bloating during chemo? Carbo+Taxol

Hello ladies,

My mum is currently recovering from her 4th cycle of Carboplatin and Taxol, she is currently experiencing lots of bloating in abdomen mostly but also has experienced her bra's are becoming too small and her neck is also swollen.

Her tummy is painless but is constantly bloated. She is usually a petite size 8-10 but is having to wear size 12 leggins/ skirts to feel comfortable. Has anyone else experienced similar? She is worried about the bloating as it is bringing horrid memories of when she had severe bloating and asceties prior to TAH, were getting circling thoughts of something sinister growing or is bloating normal?

She has been diagnosed stage 1c with Clear Cell


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I would recommend that your Mum or you contact her Onc team or Day Care Ward just to check this out.

I have had plenty of bloating but it is normal before or after treatment.

Wishing you both all the best



I think Trish has given good advice. Contact the oncology helpline at your mums treatment centre. Personally, I would be worried about the neck swelling. Ann xo


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