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Ascites preventing debulking surgery?

My oncologist has again put off my surgery and now says he's not sure when we will be able to do it at all. He says unless we find a chemo that will take the ascites down, he will have a hard time during the surgery to get everything like he wants to. I have had 7 or 8 rounds of taxol/carboplatin which did nothing for the ascites, and not much for my CA125 levels (started at 9800 and now climbing back up to 3600 from 3300). I was finally switched to doxil this last visit, hopefully that will start to make a difference. I just wonder if anyone else had surgery despite the ascites or if it is standard to wait for the ascites to go away before surgery.

Thanks all!

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Hi. I don't normally post so here goes. I had debulking in August 2014. They removed a 10cm growth from right ovary. My first symptoms were the bloating and sickness. I had 1.5 litres of fluid drained off when I had my CT scan. This was very quickly replaced. When I went in for the biopsy, I was so big and uncomfortable that they drained off another 9 litres. This was drained off over 2 days but again it only took about 10 days to come back. When I had my debulking, they also drained off another 10 litres whilst they did the op. I feel I've been very lucky (if you can call it that) My tumour turned out to be a rare type that is benign. My CA125 was 3423 before the op. Last week I was told it had come down to 10! I've had no further treatment since the op - in fact, I haven't even had a checkup at the hospital. I only got the ca125 done last week because I moaned at my GP. Hope this helps you but I'm sure some other nice ladies will give you their experience xxx


I had 20 litres of as cites drained off at three different times it did come back but not as bad and y the time I had my second chemo it had gone.

Good luck hope they sort you out soon. X

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Hello. While each of us are different, I can only tell you my story with ascites. It was found after a series of ct scans and ultra sound , and a drain was inserted - and have not have a problem since with ascites. However, while cancer came back, ascites is one problem I don't have to deal with. I am past the stage of further surgery - such as debulking (what a horrible name for it), as the tumours have spread over too large an area. At present, bowel & intestines are managing and long may that continue.

Do talk to your oncologist though and ensure you understand what he is proposing, etc.

Best wishes, Daisies

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Thanks all. He is my second oncologist so far and I am having a hard time understanding why he would not just drain the fluid at the time of the operation as others have had. I look 9 months pregnant and though they have drained off several liters twice now, it returned both times. I even have a spread of fluid retention down to my legs and ankles, which was actually my first sign of the the cancer over a year ago, before any abdominal fluid, along with bladder leakage which went away after my use of the thigh-master exerciser. I know the nodules on my lungs have grown since the initial CT along with a few other things, and as much as I don't like the idea of surgery itself, I certainly like the idea that he could remove everything and give me a chance to beat this.


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