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Failed Debulking Surgery


I'm three weeks post a failed debulking surgery. My recovery was complicated by the development of an illus, so I spent 10 days in the hospital, five with a nasal gastric tube in place.

I was told that adhesions were so severe throughout my abdomen that removal of anything was impossible. Biopsys were taken. I have not yet seen my OR reports or the biopsy results. Was told that the primary was Fallopian tube. I have not yet received a formal grade but think 4c because I did have a lesion in my lung, which disappeared after the first three chemo cycles. There is a new area "of suspicion" in that lung base on a CT scan pre -op.

I started my forth chemo cycle (three were pre-op) yesterday and can only hope I continue to see a drop in my CA125. It is still very high at 1700, initially at diagnosis I was at 5568. I was down to 1100 pre-op but I think the surgery trauma can mess with the numbers. These three sessions of chemo are dose dense Carboplatin/Paclitaxel.

I have ongoing issues with constipation, probable related to motility issues from all the adhesions and the tumor positions. After a team effort among the doctors, nurses, dietitian, and myself I think I finally found the drug combinations and doses to handle the issue for now.

My doctors are optimistic that I will continue to improve but I am very discouraged at this point.

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am really sorry and it must be depressing for you, but so many people do improve...glad they have found the right drug combination...keep talking to your team..and us! love Chris

This is hard to read and you must have found it hard to write. I can see why you feel discouraged. Thing is that the situation can change, and if the chemo is working this can change how things are in time. It may be impossible to operate now, but try to see it as a temporary situation, where the chemo is having an effect and there are other options to try in the future....

I hope you can find things to take your mind off for a while...

All the best, Netti x

Hi lovely, I can understand why you are so discouraged at the moment, 10 days in hospital half with a NG tube must be upsetting, you've had a great amount to deal with but hopefully the remaining chemo will sort the blighters out and I hope that your drug regimen will help. I believe that trauma can affect the CA125 readings so try not to read too much into them and your levels were already reducing so hopefully that trend will continue with the chemo. Once you have the report from surgery and your biopsy results you will know more. Please try to share the optimism your doctors have for you. I hope you start to see an improvement in general very soon. Take care of you and heal gently ❤️Xx Jane

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Thank you for all your kind and thoughtful remarks. This is a wonderful community!

Hi lovely,

Please don't be too disheartened my special person had 6 chemos before debulking surgery who knows what the next 3 chemos will bring it might take a rapid turn and work fantastically as it did with my special person. Can they add avastin into the mix? Xx

Sorry to hear that. Some women have surgery after chemo has shrunk the tumours. I'm glad chemo has cleared your lungs. I've got the bowel issue too but I do go, little bits frequently. It's taken a while to not yet get it sorted.

Thank you all.

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