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More chemo so soon?

Hello ladies,

Could anyone tell me if they have had chemo very soon after finishing a different lot?

I finished 2nd line chemo ( carbo/gem) in august and already my cancer is back ( I know a spot was left behind but the other spots had gone)

I'm devastated and my Onc wants me to start chemo again in Dec ( prob carbo caelyx)

Has anyone else had this? If so how did you cope and more importantly did it work?

I know my cancer will always come back but I had thought I may get a decent period in between treatments.

Feeling very down and tearful

Thanks for listening xx

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Hi lisarm5,


I had chemo this summer all was going fine till half way then my ca125 started to rise. I only had 5 of the 6 chemo then had a reaction to drugs and had to stop. I'm on a six week break at the moment but guessing I will be back on chemo soon. It is hard when you been through it all, at the end you want to be well I think it just the nature of the disease. Good luck with the next treatment hugs

Kris x



Yes my first lot of chemo finished in the October 13 and the following January 14 it was back again and by the start of February I was on chemo, like you carbo caelyx. It was devastating news as we thought it had all gone, with the surgery and chemo combined first time round. It was a real blow as we were just getting back to a normal life, so took a while to get our heads round it. Then you get back into the rounds of hospital visits and hope this time it clears for good. I was lucky we have a Maggies centre so there was a place for me to go and talk it through. It was partially successful, though I still have small nodes in my pelvic area and in my bowel, this is kept stable with letrozole, an oestrogen suppressant drug. The last lot of chemo was September 2014 so have remained stable since then. however, because of its quick reoccurrence I no longer take life for granted and although i'm well and healthy I try my hardest to enjoy friends, family and experiences.

I wish you success in your treatment and that next time you do have a longer period between them.


Dear Lisa. I'm sorry to hear the ugly beast has reared it's head again. Caelyx/Carbo is not too bad but it does make you feel a bit sick. Keep yourself cool as it can cause blistering on your hands and feet but it didn't with me but instead I had a rash appear 2 weeks after the first infusion which was a bit of a nuisance. It only happened for the first month though. When will you start? I know you will feel awfully upset about it but keep strong. We are in it together. Get yourself to the COC soon, Lisa.

Love and hugs, Lovis xxx


HI Lisa, I am sorry you are back on the roundabout so soon, hopefully this new treatment will give you a longer remission. It is a bit of a roller coaster ride with all the bumps. I wish you well


Hi Lisa, yes I was diagnosed August 2012 stage 3 serous OC and have had 3 rounds of chemo. the last carbo/calayx finished in April. I was gven the all clear scan, then the July scan said it was back again in right lung and right side of peritneum. Oct. when I saw my onc. I was convinced he would say more treatment but to my surprise he said Happy Christmas see you in January, you could have knocked me down wiwth a feather. Today even with the Crohns disease which was also diagnosed at the same time as the OC I am feeling better than I have felt in 3 yeaars. The help and advise I get from this site has helped me learn to live with this disease and I like to think its working. Remember Lisa one day at a time and those cancer cells love stress so try to let go of it. Lots of love Bridie xx


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