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Hello Lovely Ladies!!!


Hello All!

Haven't posted in a while! Life is very busy at the min and time just flew by! I am doing really good TG! I have gone vegan since I spoke to you all last and surprisingly enough I am enjoying it so far doing it about 5 weeks now! I also went on a fab yoga retreat a couple of weeks ago! The retreat was at Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare and it was really relaxing! The scenary is amazing and the yoga was great too! It was all Vegatarian food and it was soooooo Good! The pic is a few that I took that weekend!

I hope you are all as well as can be expected or even better hopefully! I know some of you are going through a hard time and I think about you all often and send you much love!

Take Care!


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Hi luv,

The scenery looks fabulous,so glad you are well and enjoying life.

I'm sure people are fed up with me saying we have bought a river boat and that is helping me cope with life,also that I have a new grandson.

I am just happy and hopefull that others are making the most of their lives too,your last few weeks look amazing and long may it continue,

Love Carole xxx

suzuki in reply to Caroles1

Congrats Carole I missed that one!!!

HogwartsDK in reply to Caroles1

Hey Carole!

Sounds great! Congrats on the boat but even more importantly on the grandson!



There she is 😊 pics look fab Hun! Glad the new vegan way of life suits you...I'm not sure I could give up my steak and bacon but good on ya! Thinking of trying this yoga thing myself...

Anyway great to hear you're doing so well chica. Onwards and upwards 💋

How lovely to hear life is fabulous for you. Long may it continue D.

Sandra x

Sounds great, keep well xxx

I've just looked up Cliffs of Moher and it looks a superb place. I've always fancied a yoga retreat and yet never done it....

Glad you're doing well and best wishes for the vegan diet!

Glad you are doing so well . The retreat looks an amazing location and definitely a place for healing . Thinking about trying some yoga . Did some gardening today and forgot about the big O C for the whole afternoon .👍😀Stay well.

love and best wishes Kim x

Hi D, good to hear from you and especially good to hear you are doing so well. Looks a really lovely place.


Hi, could i ask if you are taking supplements for calcium and what you are having instead of milk. I have gone over to soya milk, but some people say that soya is not good for people with cancer!!


85live4ever in reply to 27-359

Hi Jenny, I have also heard that, I am on goats milk. I haven't heard anything negative about that yet. It does take a bit of getting use to. The only problem is if anyone comes around for a cup of tea or coffee they refuse goats milk even if they have never tried it before. I think it's the thought of drinking something coming from a goat.

Good luck if you decide to try something else to replace normal milk. I also take a calcium supplement. I have had a lot of chemo & worried what it might be doing to my bones. Take care Cindyxx

HogwartsDK in reply to 27-359

Hey Jenny!

I use Rice Milk and i like it! There has been some debate around soya products as they contain phytoestrogens which mimic oestrogen and that's where the concern arises with regard to cancer. I just don't really like soya milk so use Rice Milk! There are a lot of different plant based milk substitutes Almond, Oat, Coconut.......i settled on rice milk cos it's a little sweet which suits me! I don't miss meat at all to be honest but I do miss cheese.......vegan cheese is just not the same!!!

All the best!


Emsymits in reply to HogwartsDK

I'm actually preferring almond milk on my muesli now. How times change!



Hi D, can you use rice milk like real milk put it in tea & can you boil it?

I have been vegetarian for a good 30 years but when I got oc & read its the worse thing you can be on it made me rethink my diet.

It's very hard to know what to do for the best because I worry what ever diet I take up there will be something I will have to stop eating.

Good luck the fact you are doing well on it after 5 weeks I am sure you will be happy carrying on with it. Take care Cindyxx

Jenny forgot to say I have osteopenia after the Chemo so I have to take a Calcium and Vit D supplement with that so that helps with the decisions relating to Calcium!!!

And yes Rice Milk is lovely in tea....its like regular skimmed milk but with a little sweetness which means I don't need a sweetener any more either!!!


Ladies, can I also recommend 'Oatly' for your tea & coffee (especially the barista version). Best thing I've tried as a milk substitute xxx

This looks amazing. So glad to hear your update!

Take care, Netti xx

Looks and sounds an amazing time. Glad to hear you are doing well. x Kathy xx

Looks beautiful!! Hope it's done you the power of good. I think you're very brave going vegan.....👏 Great that you're keeping busy.

Solange Xx😊xX

HI D, it's strange I wake up to day & wondered how you were getting on. Just hadn't seen you on here lately.

Glad you are getting on with life & enjoying it as much as you are. Keep us up dated on you next big adventure I am sure there will be one. Take care Cindyxx

So glad to hear you grabbing life by the horns! I'm trying to be vegan for a good portion of each week but am failing to find tasty recipes that don't include dairy. Deliciouslyella has good recipes but any suggestions for where to look for recipes?




HogwartsDK in reply to Emsymits

Hey Em!

Yes it's hard to find recipes alright! Deliciously Ella is great and we have a set of twins over here in Ireland called The Happy Pear and they have an online course called Happy Heart which is an introduction to Whole Food Plant Based diet and I did that for June to start me off! They have a website and a great you tube channel that has loads of recipes. They have a set of 5 min recipes which are really tasty and quick to prepare! Have a look! thehappypear.ie


Hi D nice to hear from you. Bet the retreat was nice. I am promising myself I will do something like this. I don't eat rice etc so I would be the bad girl in the boarding school. My cousin has gone Carbo less plenty FRUIT yogurt veg and fish or chicken. She looks amazing. So I might think bout it

I'm reading a book called Eileen's Story about a woman with a different type of cancer to ours. A true story. However she was also given the really bad news and had two sessions of chemo then gave up on it and went for an alternative treatment which included a vegan diet. She has been "cured". She makes it sound very compelling. Not finished the book yet.


Lovely to hear how well you're doing & see pics related to your retreat. Having been a very committed meat eater, I'm shifting at my own pace to a more vegetarian diet, and possibly vegan longer term, whilst still allowing myself meat & fish if desired.

Keep up the good work!

Sarah xxx

I've been to the Cliffs of Moher - in fact that was the first holiday I had after diagnosis, while it was still a bit soon to be able to get travel insurance to go to Canada. My sister and brother-in-law were going to Ireland on holiday and invited us to join them, as they figured that I wouldn't have as much problem getting travel insurance to go elsewhere within the EU. Fortunately they were right!

It was really windy the day we went to the Cliffs of Moher, and we have pictures of my sister and me hanging on to the railings at the top of the cliffs. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous, though!

Lovely photos Ireland is a beautiful country isn't it.

I did yoga when I was pregnant but then babies got in the way of 'me time', maybe time to re think now they're in their mid and late thirties 😂.

I am really pleased you had a good time, good luck with the vagan diet, I have a friend who is vegan and is really healthy even while pregnant. I'm not brave enough and like my dairy and fish too much, I really hope this works for you, that you find a good balance for nutrients and you feel the benefits and are healthier ❤️Xx Jane

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