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Cysts unknown

I too had cysts on my ovaries since I was 15 years old! That was when I was first diagnosed with cysts! I don't know if that is what led to my ovarian cancer since it is not BRCA related!

I would think if that if you are worried why not have your ovaries removed? That to me would take away the worry but that would also take away much needed hormones! This is between you and your doctor what would work best for you!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!

All my luv and prayers are with you!


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I had a 6cm cyst on my right ovary..they put me on watch and wait,it shrank down to two normal size cysts,but their was a medium size cyst on the other ovary.they act like its no big deal.fast forward a few months later,ive been having normal periods. .but extreme pain in my belly down low and on one side..to the point its debilitating, its not constant but its not fun when it happens. .now for the past three days ive had a swollen painful gland in my right groin/hip area i know i don't have a kidney infection, i know i don't have any stds...so my next fear is ovarian cancer has anyone else had cysts and swollen glands and it not been cancer? My doctor seems to not be worried,but i am i have a family history of ovarian cancer


Just stay on top of it! U r ur best advocate cuz only u kno how u feel! Ask tons of questions and demand answers that u understand! I had a history of ovarian cysts (since I was 14) but it doesn't always mean OC! Find comfort in ur Higher Power and try to relax! I kno right crazy but that is basically all u/we can do in this situation! Doctors don't get too excited anymore and our nervousness gets on their nerves!

Praying for strength for u! Praying that u get the answers to calm ur nerves!

In Christ, Michelle.


Thanks. .i never rest either all i do is work and take care of my kids.i have no help and no support system.i just really wish my doctor would take this more seriously


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