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I wrote a couple of days ago to say even after the cold cap I was still moulting like a dog not big clumps of hair but it was so annoying having hair everywhere, this morning was hair wash day and unfortunately the bath was like a birds nest. I have taken the decision not to continue with the cold cap as i have bald patches and would feel i would be more embarrassed going out like this then wearing my lovely scarves or even a wig.

This will also mean hopefully my line on Thursday will not be as uncomfortable as my first one.

Hugs Ellsey xx

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  • Hi Ellsey that must be so disappointing going through the cold cap for you to still lose your hair! I thought I was fully prepared to lose my hair but when it went it was awful. However I bought myself two beautiful wigs and have never looked back I look better with the wigs than I did with my own hair. My friends are desperate to try them when I have finished with them and my daughers and their friends keep saying they are sick of me and my perfect hair!! and instead of taking hours to get ready (I had long hair before) I'm ready in minutes every cloud hey!! So go and get yourself a wig and wear it with pride!!


  • I am with you Alison! Everyone loves my wig and it's better than my own hair! I look like I just came out of the hairdressers all the time and showers in the morning are quicker!!! I am nearly 7 weeks out from last Chemo and the hair is growing back slowly but surely so people will get a shock when they see my own hair again but I find myself fascinated by the hair growth process too! While it's a hard thing to go through its an interesting aspect of the whole process at the same time!!!


  • How long is your hair now? I'm trying to plan a holiday after my last chemo (today) and I'd like to go swimming. I was wondering when my hair might be long enough for that although like you I look much better in my wigs. Both are the same but each has been "rearranged" somewhat by my dog.


  • Hey Helen!

    I wouldn't really describe it as having "length" per se there is a couple of cm growth! It's coming back white/grey but it's coming back which is great! My eyebrows have also started coming back and they are growing quiet fast which is also great! I will take a pic later and post it! (at work now and would frighten the bejaysus out of them here if I whipped off the wig!!! Lol)

    Well done to you on last Chemo!!! A good day!!!


  • HI I finished my chemo end of Jan and have a lovely thick head of hair its black and grey so cant decided where I look like a badger or a scunk. I will be wearing my wig for a long time yet though because it thick but not getting much length.

    happy hair growing xxx

  • Sorry that the cold cap didn't work for you, I didn't try it and went from shoulder length hair to a pixie crop then to a grade 2 clippered cut within 2 and a half weeks. It's now pretty much all gone and I go au natural E in the house and garden and wear a combat cap when I go out? I do have a wig which I had thinned and trimmed to suit me but have only worn it twice, I'm saving that for my nieces wedding and for when I go back to work!

    The hair shedding and dropping was quite awful but once it's off it is ok, I embraced and and I'm sure you will too. Scarves and hats or caps are so useful I've just posted and have uploaded a photo of me as of this afternoon if you want to see!! post is titled reduction of meds and Taxol (or something like that!) take care

    Clare x

  • My post is on the My OVaCome site :)

  • Hi Kelsey, I least you tried the cold cap and know it didn't work for you,my hair fell out last Saturday only 18 days after my first cycle of chemo but I didn't have that must anyway as it was only grown back from when I finished chemo last July. At least you will not be wondering if only I tried the cold cap I might still have my hair you did and unfortunately you were one of the unlucky Ladies that it didn't work for. See losing your hair as a war wound that will heal. Take care and enjoy stress free hairstyling days Kittie

  • Dear ellsey. I'm sorry the cold cap didn't work. Well done for giving it a try though. Does your hospital have a wig service? If so give them a call. There are dozens of private businesses that offer a service. Are you near a city?these people like to see you with your hair if possible so they can find a colour and style similar to your own. Apparently it is better to go a slightly lighter shade rather than darker as it looks more natural and most people don't notice. The things you learn during chemo! Take a friend too. I hated a wig idea but got one as my husband is really upset at the thought of my hair loss again. I was not happy but tried on 4 styles and am absolutely delighted with it. It cost £80 and no vat!! I even have a polystyrene head to put it on. I have had to hide this as my 6 year old daughter will decorate/personalise and probably do worse. Take care and take heart. It will grow back just as the treatment ends and you will have amazing, thick hair.


  • Hi Ellsey

    I would ask that you reconsider not having the cold cap. I also lost hair after the first round but then the hair loss slowed. I had my hair cut from a 'bob' to a 'Judy Dench' and used Viviscal hair fibres to cover the thin patches and my friends and family were on continual watch and could never see my scalp.

    If you keep some hair it will look normal a lot quicker than if you lose it all.

    Best wishes whatever you decide.


  • Well done, you've made a decision that's right for you. My advice now would be just go ahead and have it shaved off, a No2 cut and start wearing your scarves. There Re some great tutorials on YouTube for tying scarves for hairloss. You'll feel much better.

    Best wishes. Ann xx

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