Sores on head

Good morning ladies. I am turning to you all once again for advice.

I shaved my head last week and it is now covered with itchy sores that hurt when I try to lie down, and even when I move my head. I don't think this is caused by the shaving so presume it is another chemo side-effect. Has anyone else experienced this and found something that helped? Even tying a thin scarf round my head is painful.


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  • Hi Jenny

    I had that when I shaved my hair when it was falling out. I went to the Drs and he gave me antibiotics as it turned out to be an infection of the follicles. Worth a visit to the Drs to get it checked. Once they kicked in within a day or so it was fine. Wishing you well. Kathy xxx

  • Thanks for the advice Kathy. I will get onto it today.

  • Morning. How difficult the side-effects can be! I remember this happening with me - it looked like teenage acne all over my skull. It brought me to tears. I spoke to the CNS who said she "had never heard of this before" and eventually went to a pharmacist in Boots who was v sympathetic and didn't recommend any drugs. I came away with pharmaceutical quality olive oil, which I did use a couple of times. In the end, the rash cleared up itself around Day 14 of my 3 weekly treatment. I'm not sure olive oil did the trick, probably just time. Thinking of you x

  • Meh! One of the joys of chemo is developing little known infections in places where you didn't know you could get infected! I would seek advice from your team as you don't want your temperature to go up (ended up with 3 days in solitary..I mean barrier nursing...when it happened to me). Xxx L

  • Hi I'm going through 2nd line chemo at the moment and have lost my hair again. I didn't have a problem first time round but this time I have experienced small painful spots and rashes on my scalp. I have rung Macmillan who didn't help at all. I've also asked in the chemist and no one seemed to be able to recommend anything. So I bought a tube of aqueous cream and applied it over the sore areas and it has reduced the pain and the rash. So this might be worth a try. Val. X

  • thanks. I will give it a go, though the cbe.o nurse said she would ask the Dr. To look at it when I have my chemo on Friday.

  • In the meantime when you are showering, use Simple Baby shower wash with Calomile, it wont be as stinging as other shampoos. Calomile is calming or you could just make Calomile tea and let it cool then bathe your head with it, it cant do any harm

  • Many thanks I am going to try all the above suggestions until I can let the doc. have a !lol at it.


  • Hi, I have lost my hair twice but each time the shop where I was getting the wig shaved my head of the last bits. But they didn't go too close and I think that's the secret. Must admit I would never shave my head, I know if I use a razor on my legs it is so sore.

    Try witch hazel gel, that will cool it down and also repair the skin, it's very good .

    You don't want a sore head in this weather.

    Trix x

  • I didn't shave too close, as my son did it for me and cut it on "a number 1" ? which still left a stubble, so I don't think that is the problem.

    Seeing the doc tomorrow, so hopefully it will get resolved.


  • Morning Jenny,

    I used a non-perfumed moisturising cream on my bare scalp, feet and hands especially to ensure I didn't get dryness and hence cracks for possible infections. If you do, I agree with the others, get an antibiotic a.s.a.p. to help your compromised immune system cope.

    Hope your day is good,


  • Hi Jenny,

    My son shaves his head and has in the past had infected follicles which show as very red and sore spots on his scalp. You may need to visit your GP for antibiotics.

    Hope it clears up soon

    Love Aemi

  • Washing the scalp with Hydrogen Peroxide solution twice a day + Clindamycin gel did the trick for my wife. This is actually due to follicular infection as they get exposed to fungal/bacterial colonies living off your scalp. This is the most effective solution for the problem I guess.

  • Hi Jenny

    I had the same experience and like Kath, I was told I had an infection in the hair follicles. The itch drove me crazy but it cleared after I took the antibiotics. I also used coconut oil on my scalp which I found helped also.

    Best Wishes


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