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Hi all you lovely ladies. It was me on the TV show on Wednesday night. Just got a lovely email from Ruth saying that she was watching the programme and recognised my name and she said that some of you had seen it.

I was diagnosed in 1997, was very ill due to complications during surgery but decided I was going to be a survivor no matter what the specialists said then it re-occurred in 2007. It came back for the 3rd time in March 2012 and I'm on Letrozole for 'quality of life' as they cannot do any more for me & I've managed to stay reasonably well for the last 2.5 yrs on it. I was 75 this year and I intend to reach my 80th and have a brilliant shindig with all my ladies from my keep-fit and sequence dancing classes.

If any of you missed the show it will be repeated this Saturday on ITV 12.30 - 1.30 pm.

My friend & I had the most wonderful time, it was a dream come true for us to dance with Vincent & Flavia and we are back in London next Monday to attend their new show "Dance 'till Dawn" at the Aldwich Theatre with a party afterwards in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel next door and staying overnight in the Waldorf and a lady coming to do our make-up. I can't take the smile off my face I am so enjoying myself.

I send all my love and hopes to you all and no matter how bad a day I have I go into the bathroom and talk to myself in the mirror and tell myself it will be better to-morrow and then I smile again and believe and trust in myself that I can make it work.

When I got the bad news that my cancer was back again one of my ladies sent me a 'Get Well' card

and she wrote inside: Dear Iris, When you wake up in the morning and put your feet on the floor, Satan shudders, looks up and says "Oh my God, Iris is awake"

Lots of hugs to you.

Iris (Flower)

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Hi Iris. Having seen you on TV all I can say truly is Wow! You are an amazing and inspirational lady and I am definitely backing you to have a riotous time at your 80th! Next week sounds amazing and I hope you have a terrific time. For you to be on Letrozole and doing well after 2 and a half years is incredible, your lust for life certainly shines through. I'm about to embark on my 6th cycle (diagnosed at 45 early in 2007, 3c) and will be thinking of you to inspire me,




Hi ...I thoroughly enjoyed the show on Wednesday and it touched a cord with me as I was diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer ( it looks like ovarian under the microscope) ... in 2012 at the age of 48 To see you so positive and full of life is an inspiration to many. Loved the dancing it looked like you was having s ball...I hope you enjoy Vincent and Flavias show and continue to be s SURVIVOR..........Karen


Thank you Iris for giving many people hope, anything is possible, we just have to believe. Loved your TV appearance and the posting. Wishing you all you wish yourself x x


Hi Iris. I didn't see the show but my chemo buddy sent me a message about it. She has PPC and I have ovarian cancer, both stage 3b. If its not too cheeky can i ask if your cancer was at an advanced stage when caught?

Keep up the dancing. Loving Strictly at the moment, so many talented celebrities this year. Wondered why Vincent and Flavia were not in it this year, now I know lol. Their tango is amazing (heard Craig's voice in my head as I typed that word lol).

I do hope you make it to your 80th. You are certainly an inspiration. Ann xo


Hi there, I too diag. 3b with ovarian. Optimally debulked Feb.14.



Hugs xo

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Dear Iris, I haven't seen the programme but I'm sure your positive and energetic attitude has kept you going and will continue to do so. I will pray for you. Love Lovis x


Made me cry with happiness for you when your dear brother appeared. You are an inspiration Iris. Keep well darling x Sheila x


Hi Iris, well you are some lady, you have been through the bad times. I was diagnosed in 2006 after a delay in surgery and got recurrences since then. Well after reading your post, I didnt get to watch you on tv I am more positive about the future. My goal is my sons wedding in 2016 and my grandson Callum who is three now will be making his communion in five years time so my plan is to be there. Thanks for sharing


Loved the programme and I too had ovarian cancer and uterine cancer . I have had the 2 years all clear and love life. It was great to see a long term survivor. Good luck in the future totty


Thank you for even taking the time to respond . Enjoy your treats because you made my husbands night xxxx


How fantastic, Iris!! Have set up to record tomorrow's programme as will have to watch it later. Have a house full of family tomorrow.

Keep having fun, Love, Solange. :-)


Hi Iris

You are one truly amazing positive lady who will inspire many ladies your zest for life shines brightly, you made me laugh and cry, I have no doubt you will be dancing on your 80th birthday.

Lots of love Pam xxx




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